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Gets visibly angry when he hears portions of playing games. Kids kids. So anyway, that looks horrible. However, However, I feel like I would like I would like to offer a couple options, and you have to choose one of these. Here's a something else in the world of entertainment, apparently Jaden Smith. Will Smith kid what was that horrible movie after after earth? Oh god. For the the psycho alien roster. Yeah. So Jaden Smith will team up with Konya west and has been we'll they're putting together a new series for Showtime and Jaden Smith will play a young Konya west in a series of alternate realities. So it'll be like Konya west played by Jaden. Smith Mandela affect right? So that's number two number three. You have to stare at the new AFC, superhero comics, including Nancy Pelosi, but the unedited slide, oh, I'm going with. She's naked in the shower. Oh, stop pick one the hedgehog that comic. Book Nancy Pelosi. We'll tweet that out radio show page. Ended. So you don't see her. Yeah. But I might only person I got like a memorable feel from it from the old thunder cats where it looks like. But you can imagine like I it was kind of like, I mean, all mummies are going to be evil in the doesn't end. Well, she got a six pack before he became big six pack memory. He was kind of if you saw that little mummy. Do that's a cute little mummy. Not so say, hi, maybe help it cross the street, and then boom turns into memora-. That's what it looks at. They're doing to Pelosi. It looked like he man by that cargo, by the way, the evil the villain in the AFC comics is Dana lash as a rip she looks like a female Rafter. So she's all rip. She's got huge oversize in the NSA's NRA right on her her tube top. I'm rooting for her. Anyway. All right. So you're picking he picked sonic Ross. You have to you have to see one yet. I'm going sonic crappy crappy movies. Well, and it's about video games. So yeah. Crappy wasn't as hard as I thought together Ross. All right. We'll tweet the Pelosi thing out, and you can use it to harass co workers Ray Stagich, grow.

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