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And then? You lose Nick Bosa, And that is a gigantic loss moving forward for the 40 Niners as they get ready for their second game at MetLife Stadium against the Giants this weekend. What's the situation regarding the field and The way it was checked out to be ready for play. Yeah, I mean, the the field would certainly garnered a lot of headlines with Kyle Shanahan in the 40 Niners players being frustrated at TheStreet Key turf as they say it, and, Yeah, I mean, unfortunately, it was You know, from Jimmy Graham pose ankle all the way to Nick Post in Solomon Thomas's tourney. See L's The Field was not nice to the 40 Niners, but I think what's pretty clear after the NFL the NFLPA, the field turf official on independent field inspector jets and Giants officials, they all inspected the turf earlier in the week and deemed it safe. You know the field basically got a thumbs up. In other words. Yes, The injuries were not good, but it wasn't specifically the field that caused in. You know, the 40 Niners should go out there. This weekend. Not expecting anything. Different Giants have themselves a new running back for this matchup after, say, Quan Barclay was lost to an A C l not at the metal lands, but in Chicago, and now I want the Freeman comes in. You know, you take a look around for somebody who could pick his spot where he might be able to. Reestablish himself, and I understand the Giants offense has been less than stellar, but this might be a perfect landing spot for him. And it was interesting too, because he turned down a lot of money. I mean, he turned down $4 million in the Seahawks turned down I'm a little under $2 million from the Jaguars and you know, now ends up signing for 1.2 million based, You know, it could be up to three million based on incentives but 1.2 million base And you know it was money wise. It wasn't great for Devonta Freeman, who thought he was worth a lot more. But he's going to get some carries. I mean, he is basically going to be the starting running back there. And if all goes well, he could continue to get fed. And I think for the Giants, you just, you know, hope There's some stopgap for your You know, one of your best players, say Quan Barkley. And for Devonta Freeman. You know if he goes out and he has a really successful season, he will have earned the opportunity to cash in again next season. Which really was his main goal here. One of the strange stories in the past week was how it came to be The Tyrod Taylor was unable to play last week and is unavailable for the foreseeable future for the Chargers, and for those of you hadn't followed it. Ended up getting pulled from last week's game against the Chiefs just before kickoff time, And apparently, the result was because of an injection to his rib. There was a puncture of his long I mean, this brings up all kinds of questions in Yeah, And this is something that you know, I reported. My colleague. My careful on Monday was a really interesting story to find out was basically a complication from a pain killing injection into his ribs. He had cracked ribs, cracked him the week before. Mom was on the injury port with a with a rib injury and then basically the team doctor that administered the shot was about a millimeter or two off and it's It's tricky injection. You have to go through the ribs. But it is one that is, you know, relatively relatively routine, but unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. People can make mistakes and you know, that's why Tyrod Taylor was out of breath and not unable to catch his breath. On the sideline. It's why he went to the hospital during the game. It's also why you know Justin Herbert was basically walking onto the field as teammates were learning that he was going to be a starter. Unprecedented circumstances for a rookie to enter the his first game in and actually acquitted himself really, really well, considering he and thanks a lot. Appreciate it. We'll talk to you next week. All right, look forward to it. Take care guys. That's Westwood, one weekly contributor in NFL Network Insider Ian Rappaport still ahead, a conversation. With Gale Sayers and James Loft in a pair of Hall of Famers. This is NFL insider. Vision loss is not something that.

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