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A it is totally not the reality is the most popular league in the United States by a million miles to the point where the af did better numbers than the NBA in their viewership over the weekend, some nubs league filled with guys who are I mean, they're not truck drivers. But they're not NFL players. The number one league by a million miles. Also has the highest only injury load but injury load for traumatic brain injuries, and nobody cares at all that they have a PD system in place. Crafted by the players and the league's the broadcasters. Don't care the fans don't care the players wanted. And the league wants that they crafted it together, this idea that if you have some system like that cats, and dogs will live together, there will be mass hysteria is a problem is fiction. It is fiction. You are believing in fiction. It is a consequence of moral panic. You wanna do what you can't mitigate risk? But there are medicinal arguments for having these kinds of systems in place. You do not need it makes no sense for a professional career where it can be short lived rather than Olympic cycle. It's where those two and four year punishments come from this is something done by the organization to protect itself. It's got nothing to do with the health and safety of athletes next. Which team wins the Champions League this season, you know, which team was Champions League this season. Probably I don't know next. He says leading the back. Why don't you work on beaten reality? Next time. Also, what's the next fun? Winnable fight for Landau, man. That's a good question. I don't know. But keep them busy next when he was maybe I can who do you have winning in the Paul Daley. Michael venom page for good question. Who do you think will win between Congo vitelle? Ian, medical of you're gonna be watching Bill to cards this weekend time permitting. I will. I'm going to go with Paul daily. But honestly, I don't really know. That's very very difficult coal, and I'll give Minakov the win over Czech Congo next. What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor tweets after every you have see event annoying as hell or a clever tactic to keep his name in the mix? Both PS Luke on black me, send me his thing. Danny Saul block them later. It's both. It is annoying as hell, but he's smart to do it. Because I everyone has a right to weigh in. So does he he does one more one more one more go? Well, the UFC ever stop at pay per view because the headliner drops out if it were boxing without the headliner the whole thing would be cancelled right not necessarily, by the way, I geared to they still probably did enough to even break even or make money, which is why they didn't cancel that. You still had Anderson civil on the cord. So it would take probably losing your main and co main which nobody wants all right guys. Let me say thank you to call me think you'd Israel oughta sign you. Thank you to algebra, sterling. Thank you for the tweets using the hashtag the enemy our.

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