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Third quarter in Lincoln Nebraska trails. Troy seventeen ten at the carrier dome early third quarter. Syracuse sixty four to state nothing and in a potential future. New Year's bowl game early. Third quarter in Lawrence Kansas thirty one Rutgers fourteen back to Ames, Greg. Antonio is a very optimistic view of potential. Thank you very much back here. Jack trae stadium, very sunny and fairly still day. Looking at the wind powered turbines and windmills off in the distance here to the east barely moving about five mile an hour winds not much relief for an eighty seven degrees and not much relief for Iowa State. They get a touchdown to bring it to within one score. But. Oklahoma answers with authority a six play drive sixty seven yards Sony five of six of the place on the ground. Trae sermon a twenty two yard rush for the touchdown. And you notice the different offense the principal on that dry. This is the first time the running back by committee. They ran the ball. There is right down. I was dates. In terms of the ran off tackle right up the middle and the running backs today saying job and moving at kick going to go into the end zone for a touchback. It's funny. Oklahoma, Tony, I feel neglectful in the fact that we haven't spent a lot of time talking about Rodney Anderson. They're great running back from last year. Who was just outstanding had a bunch of touchdowns and was a preseason all big twelve out for the year after injuring his knee last week against UCLA. But because there's so many weapons normally a team loses their all everything tailback. It's the first thing you mentioned that we haven't mentioned a lot. That's because the depth on this Oklahoma offense and the number of weapons they have. D'hollander quarterback for Iowa State. He's been good and relief of Kyle camp. Low snap out of the shotgun. Picks. It up the Turkey. Swung to the far side. The David Montgomery Montgomery. Hesitates inside of them back outside takes a big lick. Kenneth murray. The second man has just embroils at held them up. A gain of seven on the play and Montgomery can hurt defenses by catching the ball of big and find him. Well, you talking about a gun. I was I like to see I was taken into situations. Who's out there? On second down trips left to give to Montgomery back up. The middle spins through one tackling drags another tackler out to forty to gain of six cyclone I down. Mark Jackson, finally stopped his progress as we're under nine to play in the third quarter, a fourteen point sooner lead. Cyclones upping the tempo little bit. Here's no another shotgun. Van rush joined veneer sides, complete the Sean Jones Jones tries to spin away from Parnell. Motley doesn't quite get away. Nearly had the football strip forced out of bounds in front of the cyclone bench your side, cenovate seconds. We'll make that even more important Zab Nolan read the and he got rid of the ball in a hurry to do in a situation. Joe did a good job over just Nolan fourteen ninety two hundred ten yards in a couple of touchdowns Montgomery outside. Back then spun by a defender still stays on his feet all the way down to the thirty seven yard line. Justin Boyle, finally stopped some sixteen yards of angry running David Montgomery cheaply about him open field runner. That's what he does not only open field runner. He runs for. He is fun to watch. Nolan. Look it up top down the sideline routine Butler. It. I. In front of Justin royals thirty yard game. Butler. I'll tell you what I found a player in brothers. He believes he's the main man they're going to the main man with the ball completed Hafbro down under further review. They're going to take a look at it if popped out of his hands. Did he have the foot down before he controlled the football two cyclones rustling when you get it off if it stands he has five catches today had three last week easily the leading receiver for this team. And they felt like they didn't target him enough last week against Iowa. I think they were right. Well, I think the big thing is in the backfield distributor. He gave the ball to everybody out there the field and the difference. We may be seeing you know, they talk before the game is taking a review of this. We think it will stand as called we talked about it. Tony last week. They had Kyle camps whom they love is the quarterback was he's a guy the checks down and goes underneath. Whereas Noland is a guy who likes to test down the field. And I think that's been very good for the cyclones as we await this review. And I agree with you got a question. Does a good job of managing the team goes to the basil. One hundred and fifty one without. Apple review. The ruling on the field is confirmed completed fast. Always loved the verbiage. Not just stands firm. And Butler did come up a little bit gimpy after the catch walked off with a bit of lymph. We'll see if he's back out there at a few minutes that was one of those vulgar calls. I'm not saying the whole bottle, dude. Just the way that he phrased that conversation be confirmed. It is. Single only the quarterback in the backfield came Butler not on the field as there's five wide to the nearside including David Montgomery behind a couple of tight ends and two wide receivers. Now, a major shift. They saw this in the first step Montgomery ships to the wild wild. Fakes the hand off gonna keep it to the left side groping and waiting finally be stopped by seven Wilson. Backup linebacker waited for the left side of that line. A gain of three good. Good bush. Josh mueller. Freshman sophomore up on those inside spots on the left side for Iowa State. I have a real difficult time when they wanted that formation is going back. Joy. Sooner way back to the ball. You know, he's gonna wind up the middle Akeem Butler back, and he rode the bike and hydrated. Now. He's in the slot right on second goal for the cyclone. Sam seemed Buckner moves to the left side. Montgomery the tailback shotgun. Most nap picked up Gumri gets the football takes off one tackler and then tries to get three two more, but Khalil Houghton too strong holds onto the set up. Third and goal at one for Iowa State. Nice job by the quarterback draw that football off the turf is still get it to his tailback and the two players have to lose themselves. Here's a question. Do you throw the ball team Butler Baltimore? What are you doing down? Offset. Nightside. I was told it if you have Montgomery, you run the ball has exactly what took place. Fourth and one last week on their opening drive and they fade to a team Butler. And I could see why they like, but a lot of people say why didn't you to Montgomery? Awful lot. You talk about a high. Quite frankly is the first time these office with some points on the board in his capacity. A lot of has to do with the ball bully. Throw the ball down the field extra point up in good. Once again, I'd say one score game. Hiwa state scored three points all last week against Iowa day of shaken off the early season jitters, and now they're putting points on the board. It is a seven point lead broke home on the Sooners. Get it next. We'll take a quick break. You're listening to compass media networks your home for NC a football. One zero one five FM seven twenty AM. The talk of loss.

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