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Primary Voting day is underway. Masts will not be required when you head to the polls, but you are encouraged to wear a mask Governor Wittmer telling Paul W. Smith there some constitutional reasons. To making the max masts optional at the pole. Precisely. We strongly strongly encouraged people to mask up to use hand sanitizer to make sure that they stand six feet apart from one another when they are in line vote if there's a line There are several important contests in today's primaries, Four Republicans are buying for the chance to face off against incumbent Congressman Elissa Slotkin in the eighth Congressional district. There are six Republicans hoping for the chance to face Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Haley Stevens in the 11th Congressional District. Brenda Jones hopes to unseat Congresswoman receded Toe leavin the 13th district Both are Democrats there. Michigan reporting six new Corona virus death and 600 for new cases. Health officials closely monitoring a spike in Corona virus cases in parts of Oakland County. A growing number of cases Khun be traced to graduation and prom parties. There have been 50 new cases in South Lyon and in Lyon Township. There are 16 cases. Ford Motor Company's CEO Jim Hackett, stepping down retiring after three years at the helm of the automaker, 58 year old Jim Farley has been tapped to take over the reins in a news release. It says that 65 year old Hackett, who went on Who went to Fort after retiring as the CEO of Steel case in Grand Rapids, elected to retire from the company, Farley will take over October 1st as the pandemic restrictions. These more people are on the road. You've probably noticed that Michigan State police Lieutenant Mike Shaw says they are still finding the people are not pulling back on their speed. Even though there are so many more cars on the road. I think now as traffic is kind of pushed into their people say they don't realize how fast they were going, or there wasn't so much truck got here before, you know, Then you get the same excuses that we got. You know, years and years ago, the restroom over you know I'm late for work, or I didn't cram properly. Officials are warning residents of several states to take a look at the source of onions they may have in their pantry. Hundreds of salmonella cases have been reported amid an outbreak linked to a California based facility. The CDC last week issued a food safety alert for a red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions produced by Thompson International of California linked to the outbreak, which is second more than 400 people in dozens of states. They were shipped May 1st and sold under a variety of brand names. Experts recommend people I'll throw away onions if they have any doubts about whether they're safe. Federal, state and local health and food officials continue to investigate. I'm Scott Carr. On Wall Street. This hour, the Dow is up 103 the NASDAQ slipping down into negative territory. The NASDAQ is off seven points for W. J. R News. I'm Marie Osborne will have more with Chris Run Wick in two minutes. The Construction Association of Michigan Cam has been helping commercial and industrial contractors and suppliers grow since 18 85. They provide contractors leadership through aggressive lobbying.

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