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And of course when it comes to caterpillar and earnings from other us multinationals like three an awakening dullah mayo said he playing a positive role what we got some big development so later today in china just before noon beijing time that so under four hours from now members of the new standing committee will walk out on that stage in the great hall of the people in order of their rank in party hierarchy now bloomberg's tom mckenzie has been tracking developments there i think you're watching cookie obviously he's going to be joining the politburo standing committee but in some respects the succession plan that we will be talking about is somewhat less important now that we know the president she is going to have influence over the pontoon over the concrete four decade become a many people are reading it but what you are looking for potential name pooping flanked for example the guangdong pomp people who tournoi older chongqing pont people could mean are they all potential successor that they end up on the politburo standing committee then they may well takeover post 2020 through but still the feeling is that president she will in some way continue to have considerable influence and power even off the offduty norman no time when he's meant to be stepping down which in five years time and that is bloomberg's tom mckenzie by the way it was yesterday that the communist party approved a revised charter now this will enshrine president xi jinping's name on dirty its guiding principles julia we'll may mob linda is being told the boj is considering lowering its inflation outlook blamed eggs global economics and policy attache kathleen hayes calls it a stage set for the next be ijape meeting at the end of the month people familiar with as close to the bank of japan are saying they're considering lowlying their forecast for the year ending march 2018 from one point one percent to let we don't know but is knowledge met that they're so far from target they're not going to hit it and of course lowering the inflation at target ray in full since the widespread view that the boj will stick with its massive easing program as the.

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