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The night only at your casino muckleshoot casino. The biggest and best in the northwest. Healthy living starts in the card this week. You'll find red seedless grapes ninety eight cents a pound and fresh Atlantic salmon fillets just six ninety nine a pound limit five pounds. Plus, it's Ganic sale. Enjoy incredible savings on over seven hundred of our best selling organic items throughout the store. Prices valid through April tenth and mill creek ended our location in Lynnwood at highway ninety nine and one ninety six street southwest sprouts, farmers market. It's healthy living for less this melon. Brought to you by Toyota ours. It's you and your pilot so radio and the road you find the right song and your friends. Start singing the lyrics like nobody's business. Then the rating of. Wrong. She's so off key. It's actually impressive. You just moments like these only happen when you're driving. And this is why we make tires asked retrial tires at your dealer court for enter clearance center for up to seventy percent off new retail prices. You never know what kind of court treasures you'll find. And the best part? It's court bonus rewards time earn bonus rewards and our clearance is from April four three four thirty. It's twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty five dollars in bonus rewards on every two hundred and fifty dollars spent after all discounts before taxes applied Corp, bones words, aren't transferable exchange for actual cash. Not valid any other offers discounts or special buys. Redeem your rewards may first through may ten twenty nineteen go to court Clarence furniture dot com today. Sixty seconds to music. Some above difference is grilled because if you're making a cheese steak, and you're not using a hot grill to make it. Well, you're not making a cheese steak. Give our griller go jersey Mike's via Saab above. We'll how old is your fresh fish. It might be twenty seven days old. That's why to make sure that we get the freshest tasting fish fish, the fishermen in Alaska. It's gotta be Duke worthy..

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