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Then all better off though. Yeah the women you know. All they have to do is win a few competitions and we get a final three of of the cookout women. So again. I'm very excited to see all those dynamics But i i. It feels like home and in in fight like the way that they fight. Because it's yes i feel i think there really is i mean at the beginning was touching go there but i do think they they under they understand each other and and it's just how they communicate their love language. Fighting is they're like. Yeah so so yes so you have the the two separate sort of like gender groups But then you have a more like you have duos within that. You have hannah in tiffany. You have hannah in executive your you have aasa xavier to a degree aasa. Who has been like i need. I need to drop xavier guy. He's not interested. And then like you know. Twenty four hours later. I do really him though. Big d like now. You stuck in here with him. I don't know whether i it's not just that he's good looking. It's also personality. Like i really see something happened there And so it's like. I don't i don't know where that's gonna go Then you also have big d in thailand. A big talking about how. How big of a crush. She has island as well So that's a big thing and then and then of course awesome big d. They have their own thing You even have thailand and tiffany to some degree who have maintained a working relationship And i obviously tiffany is not loyalty island but i do may believe that he has a somewhat of an ally in tiffany at least for the short term once they had six so the way i see it Once they hit six. I do think it's going to be your versus. Thailand and exhibitor has the leg up here because even if he doesn't win and take thailand himself pretty much. everyone else wants to do it. Other than big deep. So in my opinion of hannah wins. Aasa wins tiffany or savior. They're all pretty much gunning for thailand. Big d would go for tiffany and then a kiling to go for it now. I actually think the kylian is probably the most likely person to win h. H at six. I think they kinda just probably the best competitor of the. But i know that. It's kind of tough because xavier's grown so many competitions That it's hard to know if he's as good or better than thailand competitions in general but we do know that Struggled on in this veto.

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