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You know, where she got fired and everything he went outside. And he was all down down. You went in the back alley and picked up a bag, and it turned into gifts mysteriously bag just all of a sudden became full of gifts. Instead of you know, empty cans. Then he went around giving gifts to everybody, and it just and that story, you know, and the guy that random department store. They found Colwell given these gifts out at this place like John three sixteen mission type place. You know, policemen comes in your and goes, Where'd you get all these kids? Have you got a receipt for all these games, blah, blah, blah. And he goes, nah, just I found the bag and the gifts rent it. And I'm just giving them out took him to the police station and the department store owner came a nurse Yair. There. It is there's the merchandise. Oh, well, you're the Bob eyeball. You know, and the guy's name Mr. Dundee department store on right hand. And they emptied the stuff out of the bag at the police station. There wasn't nothing but empty cans and right? And so they had to let him go. Of course, store owner sitting you're scratching his head two policemen, scratches it couldn't figure out where all those district coming from. But they were coming out of that bag. So just before they released Colwell Santa Claus. He reached into the bag and grab a bottle of wine. Nineteen thirty three. And added it to Mr. Gundy. Yeah. And the both got pretty pretty toasted on the wine and they walked outside, and they seem Santa Claus. Flying overhead in a sleigh with reindeer. Dieting and that right there. Just catches my heart. Every time any day as you mentioned something about cans. Ed, remember kick. The can nNcholas L. Sure. Sure. Yeah. Kick the cat, and that was actually remade in this. Well, its own feature film as well about a old old folks home where one of the one of the people there wants to get the get the residents to play kick the cans, I feel young again. And of course, they do become young again by playing kick the can and and the one person who was against it the whole time he didn't play and he didn't get to become young, and he regrets it, obviously. And and that was written by George Clayton Johnson. Actually, that's a terrific episode. We're running out of time here neck, but I I've got to tell you this is a topic. That is so dear to my heart. It brings back memories. When I was a kid watching television. My folks were there in the living room with us. Those are great times weren't they? That's great memories. Yeah. Yeah. It was a different time. And for all of us, and yeah, it's great to see TV can bring you back that way, you know. So it's great to think about life was different to. Sure it. Sure was. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. As a kid that didn't have a cure in the world. Did we? Yeah. And that's what you know that that's something that rod sterling, Liz, Liz, you're earning four and a lot of those flights and episodes to be able to go back to being a kid and have being carefree and being innocent, and and less stress and everything else and that came out and in so many stories, by the way, Billy was wrong about one thing. You're not a bad bad, man. That's how I can take it from from Bill movie. He can call me that. That's that's that's a classic one more time. Give out your website. If you would for people sure what we read memorial foundation can be found just that rod Serling dot com. WWW rod Serling dot com, and I have a Facebook page. That's dedicated a book. So it's not my personal pages. It's for the book. It's Facebook dot com forward slash rod, sterling dimensions. Route sterling dimensions the working title for the book was dimensions of imagination. So it was that. But the book is called rod Serling his life work in the magic nation super, Nick. Thanks again next. We're talking about haunted, collectibles, and collectibles to next. Coast insiders,.

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