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But in places like Oregon, the meth crisis is even worse in the last couple of years we've seen methamphetamine related deaths outpace opioid related deaths for the last three years running coming up here. Now. News is first. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. The State Department is ordering all nonessential American personnel to leave the US embassy in Iraq and consulate in Erbil, the agency sites the thread of unnamed terrorist groups which include Iranian backed militias. The order comes a few days after the Trump administration warned of threats from Iran against American interests in the region. Iran supreme leader says neither Tehran nor Washington wants a war, but NPR's Peter Kenyon reports the supreme leader also suggested Iran could boost its nuclear program as tension with the US rises the comments by Ali come in came after a drone attack mounted by Yemeni rebels. Struck an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia. The Associated Press reports satellite photos, do not appear to confirm the attack speaking in Tehran combination any confrontation with Iran would not be a military one. According to the state run earning. News agency. He added any such confrontation would end with an American retreat oil prices rose amid the attack reports which includes Saudi claims that some of its oil tankers were sabotaged to denied involvement and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said around predicted such quote suspicious actions would occur as the US increases its pressure campaign. Peter Kenyon, NPR news Cheshire secretary. Steven Mnuchin says he hasn't made a decision yet on whether to comply with congressional subpoenas for six years of President Trump's tax returns speaking before Senate appropriations subcommittee this morning. Mnuchin said the dispute will be up to the courts. This is why there are three branches of government. So if there is a difference of opinion, this will go to the third of branch of government. The Republican led Senate panel has given the treasury department until Friday to comply. A new government report says the nation's birth rates have reached record lows for women in. In their teens and twenties NPR's Hansie lo-long reports the trend could lead to future shortages of workers in the United States. According to the National Center for health statistics report twenty was the fourth year that the number of births in the US has dropped last year. The close to three point eight million births that's down two percent compared to twenty seventeen and it's the lowest level in the US since one thousand nine hundred eighty six the birth rate has reached record lows for women in their teens and twenties. The report also finds a rise in the birth rate among women in their late thirties and early forties. So it's not clear whether younger women are waiting longer to have children than previous generations. Or if Moore or not becoming mothers at all. Some demographers are concerned that this trend of fewer bursts in the US could lead to labor shortages and a time when more baby boomers are heading towards retirement and aging into elder care, Ozzy, Lelong NPR, news, New York. Stocks are trading higher on Wall Street at this hour, the Dow is up one hundred fifty points, the NASDAQ up ninety seven this is NPR news in Washington from. Some news in San Francisco, I'm Brian watt. A state Bill to direct millions of property tax dollars towards infrastructure and affordable housing development is being shelved for the year. K Q E politics reporter guy marzorati has more housing advocates have been itching to bring back redevelopment since the program was ended in twenty eleven this Bill would have allowed cities to designate a redevelopment zone and then capture any new property tax money there to fund affordable housing and infrastructure, but it was opposed by the state's powerful teachers union, which was wary of diverting property tax dollars away from schools and governor Gavin Newsom who talked about bringing back redevelopment during his campaign decided not to pursue the idea. San Francisco assemblyman, David Chiu says he hopes to bring back the Bill next year. I'm gone marzorati cake news, Valero says it expects to pay more than three hundred forty thousand dollars in connection with a major malfunction at its Benicia refinery cake. Acuity Ted Goldberg reports in a filing with the securities and Exchange Commission. Valero says it may have to pay two hundred and forty thousand dollars to Solano county and one hundred thousand dollars to local air regulators. The county is investigating to refinery components that malfunction causing the facility to belt black smoky soot which prompted an hour's long health advisory. The air district has issued twelve notices of violation against the refinery. Valero is a multibillion dollar global oil giant the penalties won't even come close to making a dent in its bottom line,.

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