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On track for a weekly game. Investors are on edge waiting this morning. September Jobs. Report wins news Time one on one Traffic and transit. Good morning, Jeff Jansen and Good Morning Lane and we start with the very slow traffic in Queens on the Let's see the eastbound side of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, a ride you get out to write before Queens Boulevard. And indeed it is construction on announced roadwork Now I didn't see it anywhere, and I see it on the jam came now Look at that. The right lane is the only one getting by here See people trying to sneak by the other ones. Don't do that as a big ticket. Ah, the eastbound Staten Island Expressway is also pretty jammed up as you travel. We're right by 4 40 after Victory Boulevard again that is construction than with the shoulder is the only thing they're using there and then it's only the right lane for a little while So you want to stay away? Couple of phone calls that thanks, Tio Big Ben, who called us about the state throughway up in Rockland County told us about the roadwork South and by Air Mont Road, He was stopped for a little while moving again. But again, big project there say they're working both ways. But the South bound side is much worse than that and also heard from anonymous caller on the south side of the Connecticut Turnpike up in Westport, 19 where a truck car accident. Has all lanes closed. There's north and work in 95 in Stanford. And here's what we see on Long Island's Big three Eastman accident on the L A. And that's highway exit. 57 right lane, the only one getting by East northern State only the right lane opening 27 to 31 for construction. And here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. Minor delays all around India, Lincoln, Holland and George Holland happen a little slow with only one lane open, George busy on the upper level into 10. With repairs. I'm Jeff Jensen. Our next report at 1 11 on 10 10 wins..

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