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I think it was something that was in my wildest dreams i never thought i would actually see it happen this quickly but my dream was always to see kind of the professional world of boston and the cannabis world you know coming together and legalization coming and and my law degree has been so helpful and everything that i've been able to do on the business side and on the policy side and for art in you know we're all about bringing cannabis accurate dosing the ability to make any product you could think of at your own home for a fraction of the cost and that's our mission at ardent and we didn't texas ardent ise get the relief you need with a a product that you call the nova and it was the process because most people do not realize that before you can make edibles before you can use other variations besides smoking cannabis needs to be heated in order for it to have its full benefits and explain that a little bit more to us so i think people have a general understanding that cannabis has to be kind of heated in some form for them to use it like people are used to april izing or smoking and some people who have gotten adventurous when they wanna make an edible or topical try to make that at home what people don't understand is there's actually a science behind that after vacation of the thc cd that people are looking for and that when people are using cannabis right now on average they're wasting about seventy percent of the available thc and cbd and people who have tried to make products that at home like you know edibles and topical or lotions or suppositories or sibling they realize how difficult it is so it's not only that there's this process that people need to do to get the full benefits of their plant and for it to work at all anybody who's ever tried just like taking a plans and eating it will know that they will not get the effect like it won't make you high won't get the relief from it that you're looking for it actually needs to be processed and so what we've done is created advice that simplifies that entire process so that at a press of a button you can take material from being the rob plant into.

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