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Coming up on DNS Microsoft shuts down its retail stores. Verizon and Unilever joined the move to pull. Add money from facebook and the best TV projectors for watching in your garden. This is the daily Tech News for Friday. June twenty, six, twenty twenty in Los, Angeles on Merit, and from Studio Redwood I'm Sarah Lane drawing the top tech stories from Cleveland Ohio Len Peralta. On the show's producer Roger Chain and joining US display analyst and Co host. Vevey Excel Robert Heron how you doing? Hey, a great, thank you. Guys, it's really good to have you back. Robert as I mentioned going to talk to us about projectors, big trend putting your projector outside, we're GONNA. Find out the pitfalls. Maybe some model recommendations. We were just talking about prawns and the difference between prawns and shrimp. And all kinds of good stuff on good day internet become a member at Patriotair dot com slash DT and S. let's start with a few things you should. The US issued an Executive Order June twenty second suspending some new visas including the H. One B. Visa granted for specialty fields. Technology Review notes that this. May Affect USA I research as there are not enough domestic candidates, sixty percent of researchers in the US received their undergraduate degrees outside the US thirty five percent of H. One B. Visa holders have an ai related degree Canada the UK France and Australia have no visa caps for a workers. The Canadian government has posted billboards in Silicon Valley, encouraging those with visa problems to apply for work in Canada. Canada McGill is going to have a great time with us. a leaked Microsoft document that showed up on twitter by user XB. One or hex decimal includes references to Microsoft's upcoming cheaper and less powerful. Next Gen. xbox Console Codename Lockhart. The document also mentions a lockhart profiling mode, which the verges sources say is part of the xbox series x developer kit? code-named Dante leading game developers enable a special lockhart mode that brings performance down to seven point, five gigabytes of usable Ram, a slightly under clock, CPU speed, and around four teraflops of GPS performance..

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