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Npr tonight withdrew hopper ryan kobe we're going to put this last carmen jacob can hop on danette do anything that we missed i do want to say something you have twenty six tomorrow night's sleep amyotrophic daniel cormet for the strap heavyweight strap i i'm trying to make myself feel better because i through one hundred dollars down on daniel cormie this is how i think the fights go steve yokich is brutal and he's a beast but daniel cormier is very tough and so if he can get through the first two rounds with steep egg and three four and five i think he can take advantage of steep as questionable stamina and if he doesn't establish that jab i could see dan daniel taking them down laying on top just expelling all of that cardio that steve has maybe winning by submission the only reason i'm saying that because i through one hundred dollars down until you i'm gonna make myself feel better i'm mad at ya cormet he you know his body looks like he shouldn't be tight he shouldn't be whipping yet he does it's tough respect people like that man i mean everyone knows everyone saw the huge right haney took from rumbled johnson at flat got back up i mean you took a leg kick from john jones but late kick from john jones and stop right ashra so i'm not gonna fault them on that right dc's up enough to still last the first couple of rounds with steep bay three four and five and win the fight draft you blew my mind early those whose name that i showed you that video i watched way back in the day gary goodridge goodridge man in those bows else back in nineteen ninety six such a ufc is so brilliant of it's my favorite if you want to see some awesome if you're on youtube you're sitting in front of you right now youtube gary goodridge elbows that's you're welcome you'll love it and you're watching it over and it's something it's worth watching da da da it's a beautiful day that browsers videos loading up go check out carrie ex videos everybody knows that jacob yeah go ahead please shoutout derek rodriguez and the giants did tonight andrew mccutchen big rbi single three two giants back in the win column tonight as yesterday now as it were four game slide and it's always a beautiful night drew hoffer win not only your san francisco giants find a way to get a win in a game let's face it they kind of had to have them how about when the dodgers blow it in kenley jansen gets rallied on the dodgers lose in anaheim to the angels three two two of the final you're welcome in the blistering heat was at one oh seven i toss lebron's coming baby no that's what it is heating up down in la anaheim not la that's an anna you're going to get scoop slammed in one second i could see it happen we'll give you that gary goodridge was named gary gary you them boz boz staying in the ufc theme i for the longest time i thought it was stipe mio says me to a stipend yeah it's a great name though great man on any so he's such a tough sob whoop that dude we would both get folded yeah if we tried to take them to like like a two on one against me the first thing you do if you're a bad asking your you're fighting thousand one you just concentrate on one guy destroy him and in the other guys like no we're good cal goes i don't know i might take i might take the dog cova with those motorcycle the sleepers all those look like antonio margarito gloves the loaded wraps back in the day goes knuckles not getting into a road rage with you on that bike with those gloves road rage anymore anyway man i'm a lover not a fighter it's not your fault it's not my fault that your girl girls looking at me like that your girl but you know what i'm saying okay now i don't wanna get even boxing again man i wanna trouble jakup yeah for the last because we all we will do that too i don't have i don't have more than mississippi or girl you got the hair though of the game i mean your hair's just antonio banderas slash diabetic daryl if tonio bandera was strung out on impediments you have jacob the vigilantes hairdo right now let's desperado right there.

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