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What are your thoughts about this season coming up about anything, the team's gonna look, you know, I, you know that's up to that's up the clay in those guys. I've been doing a few. Practices, they look solid. Obviously, I, I can't lie the boy. I like their defense. I mean, they run and hit. You know, I think if you, if you really studied the Trojans, they gotta stay healthy upfront. You know, it doesn't matter who you got a quarterback and who you got it wide receiver. You know, they gotta get them time to get the ball up and now. But fortunately, I think they can keep it balanced with with the with the tailbacks in and the run game. But you know, I'm excited about it. You know they, but they got a tremendous challenge with schedule. You know, health is a key factor. I don't care whether it's junior all American or or USC. You know, you gotta keep those bodies healthy, but it should be very exciting season for the Trojans. You know, outside of the quarterbacks that you've had come to your program coach, you've still had a chance to see some other outstanding quarterbacks, especially here in southern California. You guys a nice big run of quarterbacks in terms of Sam darnold who goes to the NFL. Last year you saw Josh Rosen. There was at Saint John Bosco even Khalil Tate coaching against him. When you look at this little run of southern California quarterbacks, what do they all have in common. Year round training to simple as that, you know, most of the good gurus are are are have roots in southern California, and the weather allows these kids train year round. And then you've got the massive, whether you agree with it or disagree with the massive influx of seven on seven, you know, kid literally complained football year round every weekend in some type of healthy competition. So you know the the, the the, it's available to them. But again, you still have to have that desire. You still have to have that motivation. You know, there's also for every successful one. There's about twenty one Abe's that probably should should've moved position in the sixth grade. Talking with Bruce Rawlinson. He is the head coach of modern day football going twenty seven season. He was the coach of JT Daniels who will be the true freshman starting this Saturday for USC at the Coliseum against UNLV coach. Thanks so much time. Best of luck with your season as well. Thank you. Men go as band and they fired up and have fun Saturday, man because. They're going to like that place up. Watch those. Go, man, those monarchs. It's my boys. There you go. Good luck to you this weekend to. They got louder out of Friday, so that's a big game for really appreciate that. And then I lost three years. I'm thirty years coaching this crazy game, and I love every minute of it, but thanks for what you guys do for high school football also. Absolutely. It's our pleasure. Thank you coach. Okay, bye. Bye. I could listen to that guy talk forever. That's that's the old school football right there. Like that man added a guy who has seen some things. Yeah, like you can hear it in his voice. That dude has seen a lot again, Bruce Rollins in the modern day football, head, coach, coach, JT Daniels, who will be yeah, US's quarterback, Matt Barkley met liner. I know mean Billy Plantin was offense state Aztec always got to go back to San Diego Scott to got to throw it out there. I coming up. Yeah, how? Yeah. How old is too old to be having your tenth child? We will discuss that coming up next ESPN LA have. The way a warm embrace. The romantic music and accumulates current Moore's at ear hall. 'cause all it only mean one thing..

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