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S racing is here to do a bit of reflecting on his accomplishment as well as preview the upcoming truck series season. That's gonna feature a few new things including quite a few road courses that he's excited about sheldon's championship. Season consisted of five wins. Nine top five finishes and thirteen top ten finishes. He led five hundred eighty seven laps and had an average finish of ten point. Two for comparison since we touch on what a difference. Twenty twenty was compared to his rookie year in twenty nineteen. Here are his number from that season. Zero wins four. Top five finishes eleven top ten finishes and one hundred eighty laps led however the biggest difference between the two seasons is that sheldon completed. The races going from three d. Nfc in twenty nineteen to just one in twenty twenty and we touch on that on what the difference was in his mentality and not getting himself in trouble. It's part of a great conversation that also includes how far he's come and understanding the truck that he's driving and what it takes to race successfully in the truck series the importance of dirty air and restarts and knowing where the line is to not step over it and again get yourself in trouble. Sheldon is going to be a great champion for the truck series at twenty three years old. He's going into his third full season and is very aware of how he wants to come across to the fans and those who are watching him in addition to knowing he must get the job done. Because there's always going to be a driver behind you ready to take your job and let me know that this is a return visit to the podcast for sheldon. He made his first appearance in november of two thousand eighteen which was episode forty eight as he was beginning his truck series career and at that time we sat down to chat about who he is and where we came from you can make sure to check that out to learn more about the reigning truck series champion but only after you hear today's episode with sheldon creed here on the racing writers podcasts..

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