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National native news is produced by Kohana Broadcast Corporation reparation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support by remote farms offering wholesome wholesome and delicious foods from our airline crops as our contribution to a better diet for the benefit of all people. We are honored to share our centuries old farming and culinary traditions Sion's online at Ramona farms dot com support by the SASCO chambers law firm championing tribal sovereignty not and defending native American rights since nineteen seventy six with offices in Washington. DC New Mexico California. And I'm the LASCA native voice one the native American radio network. This is native America calling. I'm Tara Gate. Would climate change the federal government's trust responsibility and congressional action on violence against women. Child Welfare and tribal sovereignty are among the issues tackled today in fond sharps first State of the Indian nations address. She is the president of the National Congress of American Indians. She didn't hold back in her address. Press criticizing federal elected leaders for what she called inaction and indifference. When it comes to native nations she also touted the gains tribes continue? We need to make in spite of challenges. In the congressional response to the address New Mexico Representative Deborah Holland a Democrat and a citizen of the Laguna Pueblo continued criticisms of the administration and issued a call to all need of nations to act in the best interests Anita values. We're going to hear both speeches beaches this hour. If you WANNA comment send us an email you can send it to comments at native America calling DOT COM or tweeted to us at one eight hundred nine nine native. Here's President von Sharp. Kyo which I'm just Jack. I wish Guy Good Morning. My name is fawn sharp. I consider it my life's greatest honor to have this opportunity to share with you today. I thank the Creator for gathering us together for this historic dialogue between Indian country and the United States on behalf of the five hundred and seventy four federally recognized tribal nations dozens of state recognized tribal nations and millions of native people across this country country. I welcome the distinguished. Guests assembled here today and those watching around the globe to the eighteenth annual State of Indian nations address. I stand before you today. As a humble servant of all tribal nations fulfilling my duty to share Indian countries story of perseverance and resurgence with the world to convey with absolute clarity Indian countries expectations of the United States government government and to cast a light on the immense power and proven wisdom of tribal nation's governing their own lands and affairs solving difficult challenges and forging brighter futures on their own terms. I embrace the enormity of this task for I have been groomed for decades aides to carry it out by transformative leaders in his footsteps I follow leaders like Beatrice Black Elizabeth Cole Tiny Kapoma. He's Rosanna in Ramona Bennett to name just a few these matriarchs kindled a great fire in me to give my life in leadership to my. Don't people in all of Indian country just as important. They showed me the way and for that I am forever grateful I also it draw great strength as they did from our Almighty creator. The advice of my fellow tribal leaders the spiritual nourishment in life lessons end of canoe journeys the inspiration passion in Ingenuity of our brilliant native youth and the ancestral teachings of our elders their wisdom encouragement and guidance have prepared me to meet this moment. So why do we gather here today. The purpose purpose of this annual address is to memorialize in affirm the enduring government to government relationship ship between tribal nations and the US government. It provides our assessment of the current health of that relationship and how it must be strengthened. This hallowed discourse not only speaks to elected officials political and judicial appointees in staff the federal government nor is it limited to tribal leaders employees in citizens it has meant for all Americans especially those who have been disenfranchised and rendered hopeless hopeless bi racial injustice economic inequality and the rapid decay of our American political system. They seek answers during these troubling times and they need to look no further than tribal nations to find them in that spirit. I stand before you today. Supported supported by more than six hundred tribal nations and governments across this land to share with you this undeniable truth. The state of Indian nations nations is strong across this land. Tribal nations are writing remarkable stories of cultural social political and Economic Mike Renewal. In the face of great obstacles we relentlessly plow forward in our eternal quest to create futures of hope Opportunity Eighty and cultural vibrancy for our youth in those generations yet. To come we do. So by invoking and practicing the greatest indigenous in his core values of all self-governance the crater gifted tribal nations with certain inalienable rights among them the right to steward word and draw nourishment from our traditional homelands cultivate extraordinary potential of our youth develop thriving economies that that provide opportunity for all of our people and manage our own affairs and control our own destinies as my mentor former Cornell leader in NCI CIO president Joe Delacruz so perfectly captured it. No right is more sacred to a nation to a people then the right to freely determine its social economic political and cultural future without external interferences the the fullest expression of this right is when a nation freely governs itself. We native peoples not only the inherent right but the sacred responsibility to live the way our creator intended speaking are indigenous languages living our traditional core values imparting them to the next generations practicing our life ways conducting our ceremonies and freely governing Orleans and Communities Tribal Nations are not nonprofit organizations. We are full fledged battle-tested governments guided by time honored cultural trope principles and recognized as such in the northwest ordinance the US Constitution and hundreds upon hundreds of treaties and Supreme Court precedents accidents however many Americans including many policymakers still don't understand the unique status status of tribal nations are unique political status. They don't recognize the indisputable fact that we are argh genuine governments with the right and more importantly the ability to govern our own lands and communities govern those in accordance with the values that make us who we are as native peoples but through mechanisms like this annual address address more and more Americans and others around the world are learning this truth and in doing so are turning to Indian country for inspiration shen direction and most importantly solutions to our common challenges in this great age of uncertainty acting with the next seven generations wins in mind our ancestors endured great hardships to forge our path to this day so that we would be able to be there answer to a prayer for thriving cultures healthy children in robust communities. We must and we will be worthy of the great sacrifices they made to who gives us this chance to sustain not only our way of life but our world for future generations. We will rise to this challenge for next seven generations rations by relying on the same indigenous governance principles notably strategic vision separation of powers and checks and balances on the abusive power that our ancestors have practice for Millennia to overcome the grave threats to tribal sovereignty. Our freedom to be who we are and our very existence as human inhabitants on this planet however tribal nations ability to rise to this challenge is under a growing duress. The threats to tribal sovereignty and self determination take many forms and they come from every branch in every corner of federal and state governments. They stemmed from an ignorance or a hostility toward the unique political status of tribal nations as a vital part of the original American family governments and the federal government's everlasting trust and treaty obligations to tribal nations. Yes there have been some. I'm encouraging developments worth noting for example. We recently saw the passing passage of the Esther Martinez Native American Language Program Reauthorization Act and the Futures Act which permanently extends mandatory funding for tribal colleges universities and related.

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