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Deference that the courts have given the federal agencies even to interpret a number in a statutes is so extreme that the agency can alter the law so this part of the bill that's going to be voted on tomorrow it does nothing more than tell the bureau of prisons at overturns that court ruling and tells the bureau prisons by golly when we said sixty four days we meant fifty four days now give the fifty four days of good time credits are wiggle wiggle words in laws and we all anybody who's ever worked in washington knows that and some of them are open to genuine interpretation fifty four may not be interpreted as forty seven right and you know there's obviously i'm a former attorney general i can be a log equally crazy there is something called chevron deference it refers to a case and chevron differences the difference the courts give to agencies to interpret the laws themselves that govern those agencies and when neil gorsuch was nominated for the us supreme court this was noted as an area he has written on and he has said it is ridiculous that the agency of government the courts called on to interpret statutes have turned that responsibility over to the agency's applying the law and this is a great example they literally turned the number fifty four into forty seven back into the cancun cinelli here and to be back in just a moment hi i'm jay farner ceo of quicken loans you know i believe buying a home is almost always a better idea than renting but if the fear of a big down payment is holding you back i've got some good news today the average down payment for first time homebuyers is a lot less than twenty percent and here's the best part our mortgage expert at quicken loans can help you find variety of mortgage options that may require little as three percent down now add to that rocket mortgage it gives you a salad approval.

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