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Bomber Scout, House and beverage. Third Brewers, Alice understand grocery outlet. Farmers Town house. Yeah, that's Z commercial. That's so great Grocery, Olive reason wise, Resi live Bomber Scout house and beverage. Okay, You missed three of four words. First of all thought groceries. There's no ass is no, that's not plural, not groceries, Outlet grocery, leaving with a grocery. Grocery out that doesn't make any sense Grocery outlet and it's not Bark. It's not serious. I left. It's not farmers Townhouse. What is that? What is farmers Townhouse? I didn't write it. It's it's grocery outlet bargain market. Not sure. Yeah, it's not. Groceries. Outlet farmers townhouse. As for the farmers got lip balm, Understand, and beverage service breweries. Understand Hope Farmers Town house understand open. That's what the farmers go. By boat by boat. I don't know, man. When I'm with you. All right. I think it's good. We have to stay at home. Order a new sound guy. Let me know. Yeah, Okay. I definitely won't restaurants, groceries outlet. You missed this forward. It's groceries, outlet bargain market. And of the four words in that slogan. You missed three of them. Are you sure? Yep. That's amazing. That's gotta be some kind of record. All right. We got the stay at home order. America, our city, But then Steve Gregory read through incident. Oh, no, This is just the same thing. The county's been putting out for a long time. This means nothing. And so now. You just have to stay at home unless You're working. I want to go outside. You could do that as well. I don't mean I don't mean to be a negative, Nancy. But, um, isn't this kind of inappropriate time to cry Wolf with new mandates. It does seem to scare the hell out of people yet because the next one that Israel go out. They'd say this all the time, right? And there's rumor of, you know, there's always been rumors that the next one's coming next one's coming Next one's coming, And when it does, you're right. People be like, Oh, that's probably mirror Eric Garcetti. Just copying something. Yeah. Did you just put the words in a different order this time? Yes, that's right. Yeah, that's why it's really bizarre. But you know these these politicians are you know they're really not well. Um, they really aren't You know, I mean, t the governor of the state. Then go toe, You know, go toe wet laundry for a big party. It's just It's just not a good idea. You know, you're She looked cruel or Greul And you? You go to a restaurant hours after telling everybody you could die from doing that. I just don't like it. You know what I forgot to mention this last night? But the people own that restaurant. Is it ill for? No, I believe California for not Pretoria, right. But the people on that restaurant they should have kicked her ass out of that restaurant last night or whenever she went, and that's what a picture of her In the right near the reception's there and not allow her in any more. Because because she's the one that shut everybody down. It's a matter of fact, if you won't a restaurant You can pick and choose who you allow in You should have a picture. Of Sheila Cule. I think it's first time I got her name, right? A picture of Sheila Cule. Instead, right on the front door. And just said Not invited. Not allowed. And whoever does that first is going to get some publicity. Well, they're already getting some nice publicity. I mean, they should just put up the slogan saying our food's good enough to break a mandate. That's right. Uh, yeah, you'll diet he eat here. That's great. But if somebody does put you know Sheila's picture in the front window and said, I, you know, not welcome. You're going to make her look like she cashed a bad check. Never. They used to put up those pictures, right? They would read. They had the bad check, too. That's right. Right? And then yeah, they ashamed everybody and checks were mostly for like, $8, right? And now it's like, Oh, my God. You know, I Steve Breast. The hand cashed a bad check. Oh, my God. What was he thinking? The shame really kept people in line. Yeah, And now you really see that because nobody's really using checks anymore. When you see an old woman dragon check checkbook out. You're behind her her down. Plus, you know, they checked when you pay with a check. They put it in right away and they take the money out right away. They literally have a service that takes out immediately. Uh, can't float it for a couple days like we used to, you know? Nice catch infected Gilson thing, you know, try to find the money three days later to stick in my account like your own personal pawnshop. That's right. Exactly. I will check in with Nori next on K. If I am.

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