Gregg Jarrett John Solomon, David, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Gregg Jarrett John Solomon and David shown or with us if we have another case where they're spying and listening in on the president of the United States and then leaking it David shown that to me is a far bigger issue than the president saying he wants truthful information about maybe some illegal activities that were committed to influence our elections in twenty sixteen. under percent right not think you may be looking at a situation that's a bit I guess again what we need a special prosecutor simply to look into this issue what what is it I think this is another big problem here also remember constitutional gates foreign policy dealing with ambassador dealing with foreign diplomats and heads of country exclusively to the president so for Congress even to be you know making their demands here is the real separation of powers issue but also undermines the foreign policy of our country this president was elected because he was an outsider because he was a businessman because you had to make deals he waits on relationships every time they pull something like this and I don't know what they undermine relationships he's developing look at the comments the inroads you'd be foreign policy even while under this whole folder data the asco the foreign policy accomplishments he's made are tremendous nobody before ever made any inroads with some of these other countries another criticize whatever road he takes he has to be able to communicate effectively the other thing I want to say the very important I think is this is the John Solomon's reporting on is clearly a blockbuster but you you said earlier on that it's a the other book right there would be these book rings unless you were doing what you're doing it is vitally important that you can you to report and expose all these issues well I mean I'm gonna worry now don't I because the Intel community will get me six ways in Sunday's and Solomon and Jared and with all due respect David probably you too. no it's vitally important work this is how arts stance on. to do this work they're not it's not a coincidence right now we're not gonna have a little David we we won't have a country if our intelligence.

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