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For all listeners. He no tub nineteen fifty five grant done better nine two friends is Jim and to the city hoteling relied on a hall after a win the host rices. The strategy. Nami veteran had recently returned to South Australia off the yeast spent serving I've essays and was nail working as taxi draw felucca cab company suburban taxis. He owned several vehicles working hard long hours to earn extra income. Cain to celebrate win at the rices with drink Jim walk into the Victoria hotel on hauntingly straight in the heart of at alight city. He's a tension was immediately drawn to a woman who was sitting aiding a meal with another couple. Struck by her natural beauty and warm day on on us. Jim worked up the courage to approach the woman who introduced himself as Nancy Ellis. The two hit it off immediately just six weeks after their first date. Jim proposed to Nancy and by December that year, the pair were married. Nine months later in September nineteen fifty six they gave birth to their first job a daughter. They named Jane. November nineteen fifty eight marked the arrival Ovonic, Kathleen the Beaumont second daughter. Budget law nineteen sixty one their daily family was complete upon the arrival of a third and Forno a boy named off that he's father grant Ellis. The bones with the quintessential Lasi family, but knowing sixty six forty one year old JIMBO had tried to driving taxis for a new career in cycles. He worked as a traveling salesman for linen company while he's off that he knowing year old nehisi stayed home to take care of this young children. Knowing year old Jane Beaumont was was beyond her years, incredibly well spoken and intelligent. Jane was a show ago who enjoyed reading writing poetry and playing outdoors. She had a love for academe ya that encouraged dream of becoming an author rotate show when she grew up. Polish composure would crack when exhauted closing his speech to delightfully Stuttle. As the oldest of the three Beaumont children..

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