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Like they might think the john's doing something stupid but then everyone address little finger and also since the we we don't think i we talked about this enough but since has got all the goods on little finger well what i mean like i mean vote to what is she knows he he he he killed the rightful ruler of the veil and that she lied about that but like if she came as you know he said he's going to kill me if i didn't back historian i was so afraid and like then he traded me like the what north men or visit railed person is going to be like yeah but you lied to his where to believe little finger now little thing is going to be instantly seized and fed the wolves right like he has got the only reason he's still breathing is because sanza hasn't decided the turned state's evidence against them i mean the reason is breathing his his stranglehold over robin reid but he if he asked so far away and like niches better liked the fate if sanzar drops that bomb this his relationship with little food that i don't i don't i i think john yawn royce as i was good things we robins nye here now because then i might not be able to do this but he was going to half the time a real amount that sands explained because you know he's uh spot buffer santa two it's everything is like it's it's we robin had to decide who to back the think it would be sanza who has got a little pervert cousin crush on or little finger who did a cool dude and all but he's not a beautiful stat you know super tall elegant uh lady of the north yeah probably go with santa i would too but i don't know that will take some time shakeout not enough they have time.

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