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The sliding scale of expression of diplomatic umbrage between countries is well established and well understood by those who represent the nations abroad for relatively mild disputes. Probably in official letter of protest delivered by or to ambassador will do if it's a bit more serious and ambassador might be summoned to a meeting at their hosts foreign ministry at which subject to various nuances and conditions. Coffee may or may not be served. But you know it's really serious either. When ambassador is instructed by the host country to pack their bags and push off or when an ambassador is called back home by the government which sent them. It is the last stop. Before a formal severing of diplomatic relations israel and poland having already worked through the aforementioned preliminaries have now arrived at this level of freud as luck would have it poland's ambassador to israel merrick. Majuro sqi is presently back home. on holiday. israel has firmly suggested that he stay. There and poland is making arrangements to bring his family home from tel aviv. Israel has withdrawn the shard affair. Who was manning. Its embassy in warsaw and told the nominated new ambassador who shortly to deploy there to stay where they are. It is a significant sundering. That issue is a law approved this week by polish president andre duda which will limit the prospects of people seeking to recover family property stolen during the second world war by the nazis and or after the second world war by the communists. The new law prohibits challenges to any decisions about ownership made more than thirty years ago. Which means that. Thousands of pending claims will be dismissed. The contention of poland's government is that this will furnish clarity around property ownership and deter fraud which has played such restitutions. Poland's government has also been careful to remind the law applies to non-jewish as well as jewish claimants and but that jewish claims have been a minority of the total is no moral justification in checking up on the memory of those who perished during the holocaust. Israel's foreign minister jaja peed is not merely unconvinced but incandescent he has called poland and anti-democratic and illiberal country that does not honor the greatest tragedy in human history on quote and said of the new law that it is unethical and furthermore semitic a joy. He knows full. Well will prompt uproar in poland which is always sensitive to any suggestion of polish complicity in the horrors which occurred on its territory under nazi occupation. Lobbied also declared that gone are the days when polls harmed jews without consequence it is not the talk of someone who either expects or wants something to blow over quickly. There are a number of subtexts. Israel has long been annoyed with poland over this issue. Poland unusually in eastern europe has never passed a law facilitating compensation for this kind of theft and left it to claimants to struggle through the courts. Poland's prime minister matteis mazowiecki reiterated the reasons for this mission this week when he insisted that poland would not as he put it pay for the crimes of germany poland towards the first victim of the third right during the war. Death and suffering in the nazi german concentration camps was faith shirt by jews. Poles and those of many other national and ethnic groups defensive. Nationalism is a recurring motif for moravia. Skis hyper conservative. Party law and justice and a theme which has been known to drift into something savory as recently as last year's presidential election poland's public broadcast. Tv p heavily. Supportive of law and justice was hinting darkly that president dude. His opponent more so mayor rafael kofsky would quote comply with jewish demands on restitution issues. Y'all up eat and israel's prime minister naftali bennett are also putting on something of a show for domestic consumption. Their government is new. It may certainly if recent form is any guide find it so facing reelection sooner rather than later. And we'll be wanting to reassure voters who may still prefer the familiar belligerence of benjamin netanyahu who himself prompted an immense frasca with poland in two thousand nineteen when he made reference to the wartime cooperation of some polls within nazi occupiers wrapping up his trip to war so israeli prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu told reporters that pulls collaborated with the nazis. And i don't know anyone who has ever sued for such a statement yet some news outlets quoted the premier saying the polls suggesting the blame is on the entire polish nation at around the same time. Naftalie bennett then. Serving as israel's minister for education reminded that members of his wife's family had been murdered in wartime poland by polls this stuff runs deep in all directions and understandably so none of this history is ancient also in poland. This week a court overturned a ruling against to holocaust historians bob angle king and john grabotski who had chronicled the complicity of some polls in wartime crimes and being sued as a result by the descendant of one this is of particular importance in matters that constitute an important element of public debate raising important social issues regarding the history of given state and nation seems destined for poland supreme court and another bitter row for multiple twenty four. I'm andrew moolah..

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