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Kelly on the line right now Kelly are you calling from today St Louis park beautiful Saint Louis park Donna was is there on the other the other day the dog he plays so far however in that they have there the building alley and ladies have a buddy buddy that's great too well tell yes we do love Saint Louis park I love you for calling in today we do appreciate it so much Kelly if you do indeed choose corrected today in the call the pop culture knowledge in a subject to be announcing here shortly here go home with a wonderful stylish comfortable breathable wearable machine washable drivable my talk teacher a size of your choosing so without further ado I will announce today subject of the call to pop culture know more and do please for today today subject of the college of pop culture knowledge is John Krasinski and Emily blunt movies what are the odds of that are there because in skin Emily blunt movies Kelly are you a fan of either of those two and their work yes I love don't say the movie does he'll help Steve Wynn well Kelly thank you so now comes down here Kelly for deciding Martin this subject will be done it will be Steve who knows more about to Emily blunt and John Krasinski movies welcome to you just rub elbows with I'm going to have to go with Kelly she's well then I'm going to go back to the men's we're gonna keep him around during the upcoming commercial break we're gonna I'm gonna give Donna a full tour of the men's room and she's going to give me a full tour of the women's room she was going to do that earlier during the last break but she said it was not a good time to enter all right well without further ado we'll get started today here in the call to pop culture knowledge of subject being once again John Krasinski Emily blunt movies on the timer starts after ask the first question which is in twenty eighteen what film was Emily blunt nominated for an academy award for Best Actor with the cast and included Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Whishaw what.

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