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Virginia, with a grim news that eleven people most or all of them, city employees were killed in a workplace shooting at a municipal complex, a gunman described as a city employees walked into the Virginia Beach municipal center Friday, afternoon and opened fire Virginia Beach police chief James severa says there were multiple fatalities eleven deceased victims. There at the scene, we had six more victims, who were transported to area hospitals. The gunmen engaged in a shootout with police and was gunned down. I Mike Rossier the gunman worked where the public utilities, department, chili cook was in a nearby building grateful for a police lockdown hurt shooting, but we didn't think it was that close that close in proximity of the building. So I just think God that they were able to alert us in time it looks like the search for a missing Houston girl presumed to have died at the hands of her mother's ex boyfriend has come to an end Houston's mayor says remains were found in Arkansas undergoing forensic testing that will certainly have to bring some degree of finality to this family. Immigrant advocates went to court today, alleging the federal government is allowing migrant children at a Florida facility to languish in prison, like conditions instead of returning them to families. There's new hope for a company's blood test to find cancerous. Well says it's test included twenty three hundred people sixty percent with cancer. It's he fifty five percent of known cancers and gave false alarms for only one percent. It's he texted seventy six percent of a dozen cancers that collectively account for nearly two thirds of cancer deaths in the US. I'm Mike Helton. There's new flooding along the Missouri river, more evacuations ordered. This is AP radio news. An international expert on trade tariffs, e Fred, Bergsten, says President Trump would be wrong to impose tariffs on Mexico to deter illegal immigration, the proposed tariffs on Mexico would amount to a major tax increase on American consumers and businesses. Stocks plunged today are Rita Foley reports on the US industries that would be affected. Veer SUV's and trucks are just a few of the things that will get noticeably more expensive. If President Trump goes ahead with his plan to tax imports from Mexico companies the make or sell those items got hammered is Wall Street, opened among them, GM, Costco, Kroger, and Chapo lay and the Dow closed down three hundred fifty four points today. Border officials in Texas, say a group of one hundred sixteen migrants. From Africa were arrested at the Texas border. I'm jacky. Quin. AP radio news. More news right after this. Let's say you just bought a house, bad.

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