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Okay, So if it's gas, I should definitely have it checked out. Well, you have If you see flames, I'm just clarifying between the two. If you have flames and you have gas fireplace Looks like an electric fireplace will not produce flames. I don't believe right. That's right. Yeah, it'll just be the appear. Okay, Because too many people have had fires from the fireplaces. So people want to save money. That's great. But you don't want your house to burn up. I'm telling you, I don't know Two people now. So you better check it out. And I'm definitely gonna call you guys again. Thanks So much. Have a great one day We'll talk to you next week. Yes, you will. That's all everyone think I said okay. But by 4487207 50 is the number. The information David gave was correct for the kind of fireplace she had. I was just trying to clarify. If you have an actual flame burning, then you do not have an electric fireplace have an electric start gas fireplace. Yeah, that's correct. And this is from the guy who growing up in Iowa. We had actual electric fireplace well and hung on the wall. It looked like you know, the little electric fan would heat up and would blow the warm air out. And then you get the light bulb turning into some fake logs. You make it look like when you looked at it real close. The chimney went up about 2 ft. And he just stopped and we used to, you know, set stuff on top of that. That's an electric fireplace. That Z. Yeah, they make Electric fireplaces. They're very popular. Yeah, and they're Yeah, we'll just let it go that because I don't want to ruin anybody's dream of their fire. Carry this half hour. The home fix it shows brought to my Uncle Guard Foundation Solutions for all 487207 50 is the number. Let's go to Maysville. Talkto. How? How You're on the home. Fix it, Joe. Good morning, Dave. And thank you for taking my call. Um, quick question. I've got a a fairly large screened in porch outside. Have next year. Your fireplace house built a couple of years ago. But one thing I've noticed is that when I light a fire out there, um I really get smoke that comes inside Doesn't really draw really well. Off the chimney. Once the fire gets hot and cold. It does just fine. When I first started, they have lot of smoke that comes back. And if there's any kind of used a little breathed anything I could do about that. Well, you know, it depends on the construction in Might a little bit of height might help on that. But basically when you're when you're outdoors is different than an indoor fireplace in that you have a pressure. Differential on an indoor fireplace that is negative. Uh, negative pressure at the top positive at the bottom so that it's flowing better, but outside, it's more like dealing with a fire pit. You know what I mean? So the the pressure can push directions very easily. Um And it's just, you know, dealing with outdoor fireplaces. There's a little bit tougher. The That's nor not. It's not predictable. Unreliable. Yeah, Fair enough. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Thank you. Wow. For all 487207 50 is the number A long time ago, I took some classes from the George Association of Home Inspectors and one of the things I learned when you're building Is that a chimney? Has to be I'm going to say 3 ft. Taller than anything within 10 ft of it to have a proper draw. Coming out the time your house was that sound. That is minimum code is 3 ft. Higher than where penetration roof and 2 ft higher than any portion of the structure within 10 ft. Okay, But that means said, you know, like on up exterior ports like that. Often it's AH, route that's much lower than the main part of the house, You know, so it was owed. It may still be, You know, not tall enough that affected draw Now I'm not talking about Of applied fireplace. I'm talking to him just talking about any fireplace in general. Does that affect the draw off? It's too short or too close or anything like that. Yeah, There's usually on most fireplaces. You want a minimum 15 ft height. Okay. If that's something that I can go that you can, I would do it myself. I can call old hat and you could come out and make my fireplace taller after market. Is that okay? And in some cases, if you know masonry fireplaces, we can definitely do that, Um, prefabricated fireplaces. It's totally dependent on the age and the manufacturer Because those are you? L listen appliances and the older models are not supported anymore. If you have an older model that has pipe is not available, and we can't really do anything except replaced the whole system. And that could affect the draw. And that seems to be the whole thing. People. I don't get a good drawing, and it's like they don't enjoy their fireplace the way they should because it doesn't work the way it should. Right? Good thing. This is quite a difference Going between Scott I was born and David Bar held How's that? Well, they Scott would still be telling me about the stack. Look, I love Scott husband. Everybody has a different speech thing. And you know, and you you were just right. Yeah, more. Hey, had more to explain. No, exactly. Exactly. 4487207 50 is the number I really do love that, Osborne. A great guy. We have, Joe. We have Cindy. We have mill and John, Stay right where you are. We're going to the traffic center to see what's cooking over there. In 48 Cool, great carrier WSB 24 hour Traffic center Cooking in Cobb County Day, 75 North found a travel advisor remains with this roadwork. Multiple left lanes are blocked and Highway five in Marietta. Those the Lay stretched all the way back through the North won 20 loot tough delays get over from Delk role in the South won 20.

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