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An interleague game against the, Rangers his knowing who anyone is oh I. Know this I've been seeing it. Constantly on, the highlights I wonder. About like, trying to, wave agai home or are looking at. A at a defenders arm. And not knowing about a switch that, happened or not being. Totally aware just, because you're you're not familiar with these guys anyway, another word uniforms without their, names, on it yeah. It's kind of a weekend of mystery away The players are having fun and we'll talk about posing the second but did you see Jose arsia from the brewers what he did Bruce I don't think I did all right. Let me explain this one so you know. Sort, of comical guy and Agwu LARs his buddy Yeah Gets to put his batting helmet on and as he's doing it are puts two pieces of candy sticks them on top of the batting helmet like. Horns Knows nothing goes up gets on base it's a rocket which you usually does and the first base coach takes the candy and eats it This is what The tradition of Casey Stangl and Leo Durocher I come on what is? What's happened here Yeah yeah that's that's hilarious So that is. What that's what's going on the. Game. Has, changed for sure Casey Stangl into Rocha I. Don't think that would have flown I don't think so what happened? To, the. Hot foot don't they give a hot foot anymore yeah yeah that's funny when I was covering the game that was, very common in the. Dugout cat guys guys spikes on fire All of a sudden What fun Superstition of the game to the next time you go. To hit it's like having, the elephant don't you have to have the two pieces of candy in the as horns and you can't stop now go with the Mars bar and Milky Way. This time I remember when Fred Lewis hit for. The cycle it was on. Mother's day I always thought he should be up there with the pick that the wristbands every time. Out after. Oh yeah It helps. They might have helped you read Louis member Burt bly eleven Bruce yeah sure now, he would, crawl into the stands to get. To the next area where the players were so he wouldn't, be detected so he could give a he was the most. Notorious with the hot foot yeah he was he was a total prankster a, great great pitcher one of, the great curve balls of all time fun all right that's enough that's enough of that let's get back on the against serious part of baseball versus festive Posey. A surgery of course which is going to happen. Tomorrow maybe just your thoughts. About how the giants approached the winter how they approach him and maybe what his career looks like. After, this Well you know it's interesting from what I've been reading he's really.

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