Lincoln, Goldman Sachs, Secretary discussed on Operation Freedom


Of that stool is the council on foreign relations true it is they're all three globalists' organization and mcmaster so i would say yeah you have a good point i mean i don't know why he would appoint somebody like that let alone keep him in a position of power unless it's the old lincoln philosophy but we're did to get lincoln you know keep your friends close in your enemies closer he has a number of people from goldman sachs around him steve mnuchin the secretary of the treasury gerry cohen former ceo of goldman sachs tina powell another goldman sachs site that actually is real tight with the clintons so when you look at some of these people around him it does make you wondered makes me wonder what's he doing now there are people that are pretty high level connected that have told me the reason why those people are there is because after trump was elected and before he was an inaugurated he got to talk in the globalists' led by the goldman sachs clan came to him and said look at donald have you ever seen this this photo of this movie called is a brutal film of kennedy in dallas donald you don't want that to happen to you you know you know kennedy didn't like the bankers he didn't like the globalists' and look what happened to him down so donald you need to put some of these people around then if you do that will make sure the stock market keeps going up and we'll make sure the bond market's okay and we'll make sure that you hang around for awhile but if you don't well if you don't take these people around you.

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