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Show but will you be watching we are now you don't have to from can are double go i'll go with you wouldn't most is going are you still face nigeria okay yeah where they can't of you don't talk to you without me song come together all sqauad hundreds of generals guy from meant for a little while ago okay here all right so so one of the groups here the girls and boys to do our edward and will mount and i've always going around whatever molly another two mile his family royal with a her i'm going with i'm going with the girls because the circus cause will talk to them about me okay all right so the three of you were going forward as you tweeted guess i should ask them with regard to ignite a much action this evening seen anything unusual and thus listen in yet i hate this she's who fucking circus would go unheeded sleep regula hours yeah have you heard however they supposed to be here until they finish his fucking investigation key bugging took him to of information that the rules climbed up not saint shit mr by the titley pats walking the perimeter the lake the entire time spoils shift we should just go ahead next cute carnival masked whatever good over with did they find anything in sorry to jeremy tony something interesting please investigate the corpses found nothing yet still in there if you want to take a look at it which month too.

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