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Blades embroiled while packed. Show for you guys today. Is We sixteen. The playoffs playoffs right around the corner. I'm excited imagining. You're excited and we got a lot we talk about. We got some very very very important. match-ups coming up this weekend and next week for that matter so we gotta touch on all those we also got in touch on a plow picture. As a whole like I said to open the season things started coming to shape but like I said there's some big game. Bliss will the seating could switch. Where where I right now may not be where we're at in a couple in a couple of weeks when the playoffs start so we gotta talk about that also pull Baraza released this week? In my opinion there was some very big and very obvious snubs. I mean you guys might disagree with me but when we get to there I'll tell you which ones who I feel. I should have been on the list who I fly should have been off the list and we will. We can see if you if you if you think my line of thinking is is right and then last but not least I mean we. All saw drew brees Monday tonight. That man is sensational even at even at his age he still he still just as good as he's ever been. He broke more records Monday night. And my my timer retires he have all the major passing records. So we gotta talk about it. Is he the go I mean I don't I mean I don't think it would go but I mean look by the end of his career. If he gets into the Super Bowl I mean we could. We could be having conversation of him being in. He's in the top five my opinion but wearing top I five. I'll let you guys know and and when we get today you see if it we'll see if you agree with me but I got the the big part of the biggest if not the second the biggest game of the weekend cowboys. Eagles Sat Sunday for twenty five primetime game on Fox. And I mean it's it's GonNa be an interesting one say the least both these teams come into the game. Seven seven. Both these teams have gone seven a little bit differently. The cowboy start off hot have very faulted very much more season with three and seven after starting three now but they came back and had argued that best the second best performance formats when they played the eagles the first arm of last week against the rams they beat up on them. I mean the the farmer score was what even that close and there was still and it's still and it's it was the final score was forty four twenty one and the game was never that close at no point. Did the rams even look like they. I should've been on the field with the cowboys last week. That's that's how that's how dominant they looked. And that's how dominant could've looked all season but just hasn't worked out the win as for the Eagles I mean oh I mean it's rough. It's rough when you when you have some injuries that they have on the wires your position especially in the lead like like like it is now where passing seniors paramount. The fact that need to squeak by the giants in Washington isn't great but at the same time this what what they needed to get a to get to this point. I mean at the end of the day. Winning is winning. I mean obviously. Would you prefer if you're a team. Would you prefer to blow everybody out. Yes but but at the same time. They've done what they needed to do. In order to get themselves in in this position to have a shot the division with a home game in sixteen. I mean if you talk it up. Most teams would most players and coaches in franchise take that. Yes Ozzy they prefer to be the Baltimore Ravens than have their a B twelve unto and had their seed already locked. I mean not the CBA had the Locked up yeah but when it comes down to where they where they were at the Middle Oh season and where they are now. Have you told them that they would be as bishop right now again to either David I guarantee their tickets one just one game. It's basically a playoff game. I mean this this Valentine's I it should be called anti-static game because technically if the Eagles win they could. They could still lose a job since week. which I mean if we we wash the Monday night game? It's not impossible but if they win they have their own drivers in. Announcing douse one's individuals already locked up so this to this. Is this the title game and go into the title game like I said. The Eagles are definitely being the Bible receiver. But I mean the cowboys have some new interests of their own. I mean Dak Prescott who has been nothing short of a warrior. I mean you say that for the first four years of his career never miss. The game barely missed practice. This week was the first time I've ever even been limited in practice before us. That tells you all you need to know about what he's done for this team during during his time there but he's he's banged up. I mean you're the shoulder it is believes in the first quarter against the rams early on in that game. He went for a scrambled Clay Matthews landed on them right on landowning. He's job shoulder into the ground. He got up. He was fine but as is evidenced by the fact the he hadn't thrown the first to practice days of the week in on Wednesday and Thursday or the yen thrown. The there is something they're not obviously. Obviously he said he's GonNa play the coaches say he's GonNa play. The team is gonNA play so he's GonNa play but just how effective will he. Maybe will be important. I mean from the grand scheme of things. They still have Zeke who has been dominant in his time in his time was the cowboys against the eagles. He's he's five it's never lost. He averages about one hundred and forty one rushing receiving yards against them. So even if that just needs the handed off to Zeke thirty retired unwilling throw like fifteen or twenty passes. That could be enough. But it'll be interesting to see because he's having a great year he's second in passing yards. She's got twenty six touchdowns he's Thompson all advanced measures whether it's QB are different than football star is D. V. D. Y.. Are All those different thinks. He's he's been one of the best quarterbacks in the League barn on this season but the part that you would most want sport about the eagles is their defense. I mean he's the defensive Backfield Oz out. Your defense has been alot shaky but the worst part is clear their backfield and with this requires atheists have been given a big play at the big play deductible. Anyone anyone I mean look at look at even last week. They had dwayne Hassans looking like look in the best. He's ever looked as a as a as a professional. I mean I was. He wasn't it wasn't a great. Give me to have like three hundred yards or anything. But they've shown the inability to cover receivers time and time again week in week out so in theory that maybe what you want to expand their run events a little bit better but as Zeke's been dominant against them so that I don't think he cares about that but the part like I said the most one is about. The Eagles is defensive secondary so if that goes limited. That's that's an issue like I said it's it's GonNa be like the guy the other was. He was going to be tomorrow. WHO's a great number one gal who was a great number two cobs great slot? They're they're good anybody with oxy. This is a week that they should be dominant. And if it's like if Dacca's limited or is forced to go out of the game how's that GonNa work because we've never over the back of his cooper rush. I believe never seen him play meaningful snap. Obviously but it'd be interesting to see what would happen if if Dacca's either Either doesn't play but I'M GONNA buy who but if he's forced if you can't lie or if he has to Come out a game at any point doodle Google due to being banged up. It will really be interesting to see how that's going to go from from. I guess switching over their defense defense. Who's WHO's been a bit of a disappointment? Haven't been that bad but like come into season. Many people thought this could be a top ten top five unit and then just hasn't really been that so far this season but I mean last week they they looked again about as good as they've looked all season against the rams shutdown. Todd Awed girly jared Goff dazed and confused back there all day getting to him hitting him making though inaccurate passes they will all over the field last week so they care that into this game they could have a good shot to win but like they have a good shot of maybe even even limiting the eagles the seven to ten points this the cowboys is just like the issue in the saint innocent. My regard with the Eagles is that they just been inconsistent. You never really know what team you're I'm getting coming to that game. Monitoring many teams thought all the rams are playing. Well I was kind of struggling. They're gonNA blow out of the water. The Rams are clear that didn't happen because the Dallas cowboys quote unquote showed up. And just like. Is that same team gonNA show this week. I mean it should. It's robbery game for the division your in house out territories. You can't like afford to get down big early budget just like that hasn't stopped them from not showing up at other games that throughout the season so it missing the see from that regard which doubts cowboys team as a whole indefinite which I defend shows up because if the if the eagles can put up points against them then then that'll make the game interesting. I guess said flipping onto the quick. They are banged up all over the board. Three receivers alshon The Sean are already on. IRR so they're done for this hour. noggin play Nelson. Aguilar has has been having an issue since The dolphins game. I mean you had before them but it's gotten worse since the dolphins game doesn't look like he's GonNa play join how it has played since the by with the Stinger doesn't look like he's GonNa play lane. Johnson's been out with ankle injury. I mean he's a tough guy he'll try to push through it but is harmful spraying. You can't really those things they time to heal. It's not just it's not something you can just like the Outta Outta. We can be back. Especially when you're going up against gather demarcus Lawrence Robert Quinn Michael Bennett. Your needs to be as healthy as you can..

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