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To the other channel. You have see vegas thirty three again car. That had just been taking a beating all week long and several weeks for the last couple of weeks. Even so many comb events had fallen out. We lost almost two more fights and then one came back and we ended up with just an interesting car but it was really exciting. A lot of finishes really interesting scraps. And they made events sean. Strickland closes the show with a dominant five round decision over your i hall aka. This is your events. This is one that you covered you. Watch you watch this fight. Every second your biggest takeaways from sean strickland's victory over your i hall tonight. Man the haters first of all the hater especially us in the media crapping overcrowded. This all the time taken away from these various is a great card. I couldn't have been more wrong literally. Moron what anything that happened in this car. I picked one bike correctly. It's not important. Which one and. I'm not even proud that i got when i wish i had gotten them all wrong. Just for the hell of it So pick slack on fighting. And i'm like god. It's a car crash interest of the picture. I don't know that we could have replicated. This bad of picks if there was a lot of ups there was quite a few upsets. Look at the odds close again. But i believe there were quite a few upsets Way more than your average ufc card. So we can't be blamed for that. But i was wrong about the quality of the car. Not that i taught me terrible but i definitely was a lot of us in the media kind of criticizing it on paper which i still think is fair but i. The criticism turned out to be wrong. So that has to be said. I was wrong about cheyenne bays gloria to paula. There shouldn't be in the coming event. Wise this nicole main and cheyenne vase. I think is one of the of this car. It was an amazing finish She she had the mic skills. Like mike say why she seems very marketable in the is the afc. She hit all those notes tonight. So good for her There was a lot of good back and forth fights. I i thought some of these be showcased fights instead. They were competitive. So yeah it was really enjoyable card. I still developed or card. Was i guess depends what you're looking for. I do think the biltmore card from what i saw was was was better at least as far as what. Beltway wanted One of the car to be. But if you're the uc you cannot complain at all about how Uc vegas thirty. Three turned out ravaged by injuries and cancellations and if anyone tuned into this car they had a good time. And if you're the afc that's what you that's you promise people all the time. And i i don't think anyone who if you only watched The biggest card. I don't think you regretted it that you had. You had a very good time sean. One question we've asked over the last several days on all of our programs is would the winner. Of sean stricken verses your. Ira how would they come out of here in. Have all of us saying this guy is a legitimate threat to the middleweight title. And i didn't think really. There's the question right there we'll ever fight for a title in the afc. I don't think a lot of people really thought that we would be talking. Maybe next title. Contender but john strickland's but on a roll man he's nine thousand. Nine hundred is a middleweight. He's five in. This current runs. Says he went back to middle middleweight. He looked really good tonight. Your had absolutely nothing for this man do you. Are you buying stock. And sean string right now. In terms of title contention do you think he can get to the top of the heap and fight for title. Can you see that happening after that performance night. And what a crazy fact that. We're even having this conversation right like who really ever ever ever saw this coming I like ak said. I was on. I was on the ballot tour. Beat tonight so. I was mostly paying attention to bell tower. I have to rewatch a lotta this. Ufc was on. Kind of in. The periphery for me. So i i didn't see the fight too much but oh my goodness man now. Five in a row for strickland four. No since he moved back down to middleweight. And he's he's just a very bizarre and entertaining guy like just in general in the cage right like he's definitely like you can tell. There's a difference when sean strickland is fighting. Then when a lot of guys are fighting and that you can't say that about a lot of have fighters it is very generic. I would say overall throughout the roster like there are very few people who stick out like that. It's pretty crazy man. I mean i if nothing else. John strictly comes out of this absolutely proving that he is somebody who matters now at one hundred eighty five pounds. Which is i. Don't think anything that we would have thought that we would be saying you know in two thousand eighteen when this guy was kind of just a middling middleweight. Who you look back on his. I'm sorry middling welterweight but if you look back on his losses like the losses were to some really top the top level guys like tomorrow and positive oh and and celestino santos so i mean maybe this the whole time and he was just getting bad matchups and you know the way didn't work out for him but it's pretty crazy that we have reached his place with sean strickland but we have certainly reached it man and i am really curious to see how far he can push. He's thirty years old. He's really in the prime of his career right now. This feels like the run for him. So man i mean. We've we've seen this type of thing before like a matt brown style guy just coming out of nowhere. Who's going to be a contender all of a sudden. I love it every time. This kind of thing happens. I'm really interested to see how far he can push his jose. Do i don't know how closely you watch. The fight halted watch. Do watch holding okay. Was this more. I i didn't watch closely as you. But i'm just gonna go by the different reactions. That is on twitter. Was this more about sean strickland. Just being that damn good or was this more about your i hall just not seemingly being there a lot of talk about his his mental state like can he get over that hump can he can just be there mentally and focused for twenty five minutes against the guy sean strickland and from everything i saw on twitter anything. I kind of saw in the fight. This looked like one way traffic and it didn't even really at times. Looked like garage hall. Wanted to even be in there. So what was your what your sort of gauge on on the fight in kind of the two different sides of the spectrum. I don't know if sean strickland is an all around. Better mixed martial arts. Mix martial artists than your i. I just didn't just an atrocious for your right hall hall. Needs a lot of space to work. He likes to dance around. He likes to make a lot of magic in there. Throw these tech and style kicks and kind of catch you coming. in sean. strickland's whole game is just walk forward.

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