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I don't. Do. What did you case? That's got a little little kill me Oh foamy. So the if you're watching, you see the the topic of the episode is, what's the most you've ever done for a laugh and the reason that we bring that up. Is Because of a headline. Out of Bossier city or Bossy a French because it's Louisiana I'm GonNa say Bossier City Louisiana. The. Headline is man jumps into bass pro shop fish tank and swims across as the temperature continues to climb. Sometimes, you just have to cool off quick dip but the fish tank in the middle of a bass pro shop is not the time or the place Tiktok user jumped into the tank after saying he would, if you got two thousand lakes, he got the likes intruder word jumped in another shopper recorded the man swimming posted to facebook at first. She thought it was just a big fish splashing the man ran from the store but was later identified. He's been charged with simple criminal damage after store officials found the tank would have to be emptied and cleaned. Before the pandemic or now This was June twenty-ninth. Mike although asked. All those fish could have gotten exposed to the COVID. So That's more dangerous us when I thought a of the question what I thought about this group I'm I'm thinking that we might have to cut this half an hour but what's the most that you've ever done to get a laugh? What's the biggest thing you've ever done just for laughs? FM Noise. Myself on the Internet like an idiot trying to make people. Can't you know honestly I think have to show comes down to Jamie trying to make people laugh. I really think there's there's part of that. Yeah. Yet. I know for me it. It's not the the more a recent thing. It actually happened in third grade dice arts class, and I, remember this because at the time it was the most trouble era got into my life. I was aiming to be the class clones I knew I was a little nerd engine to make people laugh and remember Aaron heading your time. Your Air Nolan was was like he was trying to be the class clown also Aaron known. So one day in. The at lunch, we were like A. kind of like a bull shit talk off to against one another and make everyone laugh. The favorite. Kind. Eight down. And I'll never forget I said every word under the sun s miss dice. Oh, walked in I told them to suck my fucking nuts. I got I got the reaction I wanted I got all the labs you can imagine but also got my name on the chalkboard with three check marks read. The check marks I. Think you got off light. She happened to walk in here me as they told me the suck my fucking balls. And, I'll never forget that from that moment on realized the pure joy of swearing and why is why is the best thing in the world you're doing it ever since? Plus you change the future for the better to imagine if he wound up class clouded now. Everybody. That's like a flashpoint like alternate timeline. She's. Flying happened. Humor died. For me. For me the biggest biggest thing that I think I want I remember being a part of was the one thing that I got away with and I think pete got in trouble for I think maybe Steve The to was that was put dill zero on her shoulders sticking Mr. AP. Controversies fucking. It was we we talked about this story before it was. Government class. Who's in the class? Jamie Lynn. Jamie was. told the story hey you've. Got In trouble didn't do anything I'm sitting here in the fucking classroom. And we. Wish. You remember we Jamie Sacred Dale, just broke up with his girlfriend was it down to the dumps so we wanted to make up and so you know it was good. It was for a good cause and shame on Mr Walton for reacting the we did I mean, honestly. Shirk overreact like him. Over reaction. From. The look on Pete's face when you fuckers ran away and that it was just leave I looked at one another. Really. That's so eighties. It's so. It's all eighty. At the front, we're dummies to be at the threat. Nineteen Ninety, four eighties, my participation. Here my every like evenings tip movie my participation was all Keith out because I like head his feet. Like. I was at the end. So he can see me I was looking around the corner. I was involved. Absolutely you saw somebody else camera arrears. You saw get somebody else. Maybe. Did what? So. In case anybody's in case anybody who's listening watching and things that I'm Schmuck I was. On the baseball team, I barely made based on the baseball team. I was deathly afraid of coach finding out. So that's really why I didn't just kind of fess up and take the punishment was your coach coach Barker. I. Heard he was. He was he was hurt asked I'm not GonNa lie and honestly I was in so much trouble already that year that I just figured that I'm just GONNA. Take it. I do love it as Grizzly Adams yelling at the two of us. Never. Been in trouble. So I didn't know what look over Pete he just smirking. That's what an eighty guy does. These taking. I've been. I've been getting in trouble since the first grade so It was kind of old hat by then. I remember I was sitting in. Math class senior year. Mrs Achilles. Class. And? Like I have no artistic ability whatsoever. But for whatever reason I started in my notebook instead of paying attention to what she saying because I didn't need the class to graduate I was just trying to impress colleges that rejected me anyway. I started taking a pen, the pen and just drawing a almost identical portrait of Mrs Achilles and my notebook, and I sat in the front seat of the class. And Laurie Bray was sitting behind me and I just remember that I finished my portrait. I was all proud of it and when she turned her back to write on the chalkboard I, held the the notebook up over my head facing behind me so that everybody could see and I just heard. Everybody tried to hold in their laughter. It was more amazing because literally I can't draw to save my life and like if you asked me to sit down and try to draw something, you'd swear that I was like. My left foot. Painting with my feet but. Daniel degrees. Yes. Something like that. Jamie. You GotTa have a million stories I. Mean you're. Going say I mean.

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