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Notre Dame used on this. On this series to start the second half. They had to wideouts to either side of the way out near the sideline. In-between the number sideline. Really? Spreading out the northwestern defense. This is first down in fifteen for the northwestern. Forty to play action does Michael young in the fall numbers across the thirty yard line. Tackled at the twenty nine. It was a stop route to the near sideline here. He cuts back to the middle to pick up thirteen stop, roaming. He was faking a goal route stopped quickly so quick that the defender was about four yards off as Michael young caught that football. Excellent. Route running by the young fella nine ten accounting left in the third quarter from the shotgun. Invoked drops back Wadia. Todd look into the near side. Almost intercepted. The ball was duck down as he looked back here to boycott on the sideline the near sideline right in front of us in earnest Brown, the four offensive and got a big on it. It almost picked it all and that was the second time he came down with it before earlier in the at late in the first half. But got the ball knocked out by chase play pool and books got to put a little more air on that one bird doubted soon now nine oh, two left in the third quarter. Western Notre Dame all tied at seven. Territory. Notre Dame on the north western twenty nine in book from the shotgun. Gives inside the Dexter Williams. He's just as he crossed the thirty yard line. He's going to be a yard short of the first down inside a nine minutes now left in the third quarter clock ticking in bulk wants to get white back on the ball on fourth out in the yard. They're moving from right to left. He's in the shotgun. All the near hash, Dexter Williams detail back to his three wideouts to his teaching himself. Now puts it out to boycott catches it down Notre Dame. Incredible confidence in Iain book to Paul that play in book fake the hand off then sprinted left and threw the ball quickly. Unbelievable uncanny ability to run left and throw it their right arm on a strike, two miles. Boykin fake the inside gift rolled out the sideline and destroy about a five yard pass in front of him. The boykin I down Notre Dame. It's I intend now for the twenty-five northwestern for the shotgun book to pass across the middle. That's crispy crossing. Route catches it across the far has tapped into the twenty yard line between the hash and the numbers by backer. Patty, Fisher, I saw more count than ever for pets. But Gerald FitzGerald here at Notre Dame. Second down five Paul. That's what you're saying. At the halftime. They're gonna be playing cover to some zone in the back. Let some routes go underneath. And that's what fake did right there. Found a pocket underneath since player. This Dr second down five for the wildcat twenty seven forty five and counting pitched back to book from his thirty office. Back foot throws to the sideline at it's incomplete. He wanted chase play pool on the three was a hand off and it hits back to book wanted to go to the end zone. Nothing going on fires incomplete. It's now. Third down and five clock. Stop seven thirty seven left in the third quarter Notre Dame northwestern all tied at seven. Talking to his offense of live as he gets up on the ball. He has three whiteouts to his left to right third down and five dot western twenty empty backfield. Shotgun has it drops back. One. Step moss. It into the end zone. Boykin Notre Dame. Goes up thirteen to seven. Book to the four quarter of the end zone. Ed, six foot four miles boykin reached up high and came down with it in the back of the endzone thrown with the authority threading the needle between the safety and the corner Monterey hearts who's had himself. A game house was actually inside a little bit in books are big fella. Go to that. Right. Back pylon. Ron giving you a touchdown baby twenty yards both to boycott. Imagine they're taking a look at this one up top as do all scoring plays thirteen seven Notre Dame. You out to attack the extra point the Dow is up. It is good. Two miles boykin twenty yard touchdown. The extra point makes it fourteen seven Notre Dame seven twenty.

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