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Something. Our is on the on the go. Yeah yeah i really was so for the whole for the whole time i had a sport run with me at different person running with me. One of one of my friends and They they did all the hard work that there's no. There's no shadow of a doubt that they were all. I have to do with moving. And they had everything else to sort out. I was so far ahead of schedule. My pool runners. you know. Would you saw a midday and then suddenly at how four in the morning they tau dads being sent to go running and so that logistically must have been incredibly difficult. I came home to seven hundred. Fifty one walks up. Vestiges was all of my friends. Is she really here now right okay. So i'm going to need to get here this time it. How's that going to work. And then everyone sending messages saying food. I wanted or i needed an extra point i mean it was just. It was unbelievable on the amount that my friends did. The amount that my husband neil He managed to get the kids at two points along rates and how he managed that often. Plus doing all of this stuff. I just know how managed it but it was incredible to see how it must've was quite emotional. Prairie emotional vary very emotional Irish justin flex tears c. Kit running running awards may and he says. He says a lot fast fast because he he thinks he can run very fast so he was just running towards may going fast fast on just incredible radio radio emotional and there were lots of points on the i was just. I was just crying. Because i missed them and wanted to see them and so to be able to actually actually see them. Wall stars running and see them finish. Can't ask for more than that. I mean you know. I find fascinating with this whole thing. So you they reckon that you must burn about twenty five thousand calories. Is that right on the. That's my mom. Said twenty five thousand colors. Ninety five hundred calories and i'm so pleased you're garments state charged dot. Because i feel. I made my heart skipped the thought of it kind of running a jew swagger on the run i know so i tested it before and tested that you can charge at these tiny power packs. I just put in my running back. And i had my watch cable and you can charge it and it still goes so you could just put your watch. I take off to in my bag for half an hour and then press it back on. And i tested four hundred so pleased. I was so paranoid about by stuffing. I know i've got to be honest. I doubt i will ever need to know that fact however is useful in case anyone else's listening into bites really ethic long run. You can charge your your your garbage most running the east. You burn twenty-five thousand calories and you only to you only to call a couple of thousand. I guess about two thousand i think. How did you feel when you cross that. Finish line starving. Technically it was. So i'd spelt spent so long feeling sick not feeding hungry. Having people trying to force. Vaden's musing i'm not touching feel too ill the second i stopped running. I got presented where the tray of cupcakes complete strangers made for me And kit dived straight into them. I managed to get one. I e kit Most delicious thing. I've ever written and so it was as soon as i stopped running. I felt absolutely sobbing for the last week of had two dinners. I i'll finish my dinner that has even sides. And it's something you do things like i'm a celebrity. Get me here. And they just old of chat turns to food. Is that will kind of what you're thinking when you're running or is it as far removed from your mind as possible. You know. it's it was difficult. Because i i don't often see food as fuel ic- as something lovely to do with other people to enjoy with a nice gloss wind to have that Chocolate cake not. Because i'm hungry but because i want more quick and so i had to do this. Run and see fade as something to literally. Give me calories and give me energy to run. And i didn't enjoy up a toll because there is no this no ceremony. There's no enjoyment really with eating pretzels. Meeting stop gives. It was just something that my body had today and so finishing and being able to enjoy food again in the way that i do is love lake. I bet i bet. Part of the celebration was having asleep as well. Oh yeah although. What's all and i did i. Did you know that it was coming. You really don't stay well for the first few days how my body was such a mess. And so you you twitching lot instead of sleeping in your body's almost keeping you awake and i was so swollen and sore. I was really struggling to sleep. Do you ever have thought thing. When you're you might think this is absolutely ridiculous and crazy but you know if you've been running for a long time and then you have sleep and your dream that you're rolling. I have an enormous such deep sleep. That you've very confused. Rates couples running your legs star running for you at some point you. You always full louver in your dreams. Something's not working so well. And i bet it was difficult to get back into any kind of regular routine. Yes you know. It was and the receptions. Since i've been back has just been overwhelming. Is the absolutely incredible. So i've been really. And i just wanted.

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