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You know, is it seems like he's actually giving effort from what I've seen. I Marcus Peters situation. He looked like he made a lot of business decisions. He wasn't always committed. So I don't know. That's a guy would sign. That's a guy would sign. Jon aims are guy palm eight gel hair, spray or natural. What's the secret? This question is for with the good hair, palm aid, buddy little wax, put a little wax. There's a palm it. I've used as a wax I use. But I don't spend a lot of money. I find the cheap ones. I'm stunting on a budget care second. I have seen with my own eyes. The hair care product cabinet like most people have a medicine cabinet with medicine. Now has this entire shelf or one full of just straight hair care products labeled like Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday night going out. It was crazy. When would you open? The cabinet does like a chorus of angels sing and bright light shine from behind the cabinet like like, you're blessed in the presence of this. This hair care products puts kid product was locked behind lock and key. So I couldn't actually open the cabinet say that just shows you how serious takes his hair. I believe it. I believe you missed out on the on the one I have labeled for humid days. So I mean, you didn't even see the full thing. Pull out. No, it was it was clear point his day. I just must be blind. I mean that that's my that's my go-to greater on earth happens when then when Qin wears a hat. I almost took all of his hats away. When I was there. Gosh. Okay. We'll go to something. Much more serious. Ed, probably something that's going to get us added on Twitter. Our guys silly football. Asks y'all think it's sad that the fan base is giving Eric berry a pass for quitting on this team. You stood there. Healthy and watched his team lose. I'm not gonna I'm not I'm going to soften this a little bit. But I do want to have this conversation. It's public knowledge that Eric berry has been medically cleared for ever was he ever not medically cleared. I'm not is that right? Sure. Win. We I heard that he was medically cleared. But it was a lot was while back. Yes. Yes. I think so we do need to have this. Eric berry conversation. I think it's I think it's probably time. And I think you guys probably have a lot of stuff to say about it as well. Eric berry is one of the most inspirational human beings you're ever gonna find. And he's beat cancer. He's been through a lot. He's been through hell and back, and he's been through a lot of things that are beyond football. And I think perspective changes when you go through things that your literally fighting for your life. Not just your your next contract, but your life. I think some things are different with Eric berry on his perspective. I think. There's things that are different with him on. On what he cares most about. I'm not saying he doesn't care about football. I think he cares about football. I think. I think you know, from a painful, we've we've heard forever. This is a pain tolerance issue. And he does not seem to have the same kind of motivation and passion for football to play through through to play through pain all of the time. Now, could that be that maybe he doesn't want to go through some of the medical, you know, some of the some of the pain medication that they manage that they use to manage some of these paints. Maybe he doesn't want to to throw a lot of that into his body because he knows the damages that it can cause in maybe part of his decisions around that could be trying to to deal with his his, you know, he's coming back from cancer. But it does I think aired Barry probably should have been on the field quicker. I do and I think it would have been nice to see him ramped up quicker and. To some degree. You can't blame them. But at the same time, he's also the highest paid safety and football, and he probably should have been on the field quicker than he was. It's a situation here where this dude has earned a little bit of pass from from everybody. Yes. Chief fan media things like that. Because of all of the things that he's comeback from to get back on the field..

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