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Well, I mean that that is that was the rumor at the time that he was doing it with with a female colleague, and you can look that stuff up. It's not interesting. One of the worst parts about this. We're we're talking. I just like the way you long Lauren doing with a female colleague. I they're doing. They're talking bad. You said they were doing daily town. There's like innuendo that we can't talk about this talk. And there's a lot. I mean. Way we sat way to oh. My God half the things you're talking about on the way out of this is true about colleagues and people, you know, in this business, of course, you couldn't even as more than had pointed out on Twitter, and this this bar is I'm to go with this conversation. The president literally almost tried to or seemingly tried out. Somebody tried to out somebody and nobody picked up nobody picked up on it. But he picked up on. And it's amazing amazing picked up on people headline is really do. Yeah. I mean, there's one headline daily caller mention anything in the body of the techno warning. Yeah. Just in the headline. I don't need the fact that we're doing this. Why didn't you? The president. Did it the president? Did it? We're not anyways. Let's let's what you just look it up. I'm not saying anything, it's in the constitution. Jill. No any going could determine law fingernail by Esser, president of the United States when he tried to out a Fox News contributor, which people aren't talking about. I read that tweet. And it was not obvious to me. Jesus Christ, you listen Marxist. What quotation marks around. And the fact is he actually friends a Shepard Smith. It's not clear the implications. There's no evidence. Yeah. None. There's no evidence of collusion. Yeah. Please. Gets us. We can't do this. He. Are you kidding me? It's the president. I mean, look if he said, you know, this guy he's a terrible analyst and he's a big fan of the pet. Shop boys you'd be like what standard. Did he likes 'electronic musical? Camille, he's implying something you saw me -cation. It was very very clear if anyone put those pieces together, they actually think Joe put them together. There are more on. That's it. Right. And judging by the responses to your tweets, they're all more. They're all morons, actually. Yeah. That's true. That's true. I mean, come on. I we're not telling tales school. We're respond to the president's tweet. I I just don't want to respond to that particular tweet many of them pass through late. Well, let let let's let's do this. Let's let's move on from the big. Let's go to analyst. Or may not be outbid by the president. And. Maybe I'll tell you what the president. It's just talking about. Shut your mouth shut. Thank you dig it. The woman that did the daily download. I don't know if the preposition is with her on her shirts about. Why is Lauren Ashburn? And here's a story in the wrath. The daily download founder Loren athlete is joining Fox News and FOX business channel as a contributor in. She is fallen Howard Kurtz, the FOX I wonder if she's still there. Can you find that Lauren Ashburn whatever happened to her? There is a lot of typical Ashburn spill. Okay. All right. Let's do this. Yes. So he got out things you've got all record scratch sounds, and then we've got some some guests. Not guess we've got some some listeners to thank various gifts. I Spencer Smith sent us two bottles of booze. Got this Texas, single malt. Whisky also sent his great right action. Why whiskey? Oh, and he did have some some notes in here. He said that he saw the highlife tall boys and cannot abide such suffering. Excuse me. Spencer Smith about let me ask you something. Oh boy, Jimmy, hit some some useless. Did you might hurt me in the background saying I like Spencer Smith? I want a mulligan. You talking shit about my pajamas? Fine. We'll drink his business presented. I'm pouring the booze now Spencer. Thank you very much. We only the the whiskey in the in the studio today, he's brought some wine..

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