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The reason is that we have a fateh document. Miss one call call taught the our you and because of him and the cop that god has with him every member of his church is part of the mrs this what i can set off that be my father and my has become so blessed and so good that the went every way you mentioned this team everybody lose the vestment just made indian food. That is how. I live my life as ordinary corporate with my father. This court by the combat is airport to attain to believe him and sat him as my five. I serve him. And so and what you say i shooting that is. I'm believing that entry body is called by into displaces. It's not about your father who brought to l. But the that of spiritual that we do him and the governance. That blessing is coming for you. Lift up your house and received epilepsies received received receive blesses whatever blessed. God bless abraham. I am the god of tie. Fear not for our be with you. I will bless the multiplied dic- for myself. If i want to play you are packed. Sees of the father and definitely you are supposed to be the pluses of the loan. The blesses of the lone star five minutes the famine. The death of your my suffering suffering is enough. God's covenant within the bless all his his children and we makarios i think we are back of their children. And so i remember is to our and lettuce. Blesses gop upon us toss. We receive in bound us. The miss of yes. Your blesses so blessed at that so blessed so blesses let them by nasa blessed wwl dot dot so blesses let blesses. Let your blesses that day. That's that's an. I recip- the hot water from the covered up are coming out to cut cut cut. Yes a i do believe you were blessed by the message. Do visit as some every sunday. Aging hotel in suits had during conroy at age. Thirty eight and wednesdays at seven gold lace..

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