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Fuck fucking long shot it. You were just backing up. How you love walmart's mississippi they're wonderful. I'm saying i'm just saying this guy's taking shots at parcel. He works on eastern boulevard and dubal. I'd dying newspaper where he's been forever. His career peaked at a usa today. Which how depressing that. His career peak. Was dan wilkins towel boy. And now he's going to be taking shots. It's him and that other guy. The other guy from last week from the daily journal took a shot at me. Because they're fucking jealous that there's the daily journal and me who started the daily journal under them is where i'm at and they keep taking shots at borstal shit ain't gonna work you. Ugly talentless fucks back now. I mean that was awesome. That was that came from a deep deep place real. I loved that. I loved every second of that honestly. I can't wait to have jack clip it out and i'm just going to play it on. Repeat whenever. I'm like going to the gym or something to be honest. I know what's in here. Yeah there's more in there i bit. I'm not no yeah. Don't say mt that's gross. Well i wasn't me but it is. It is it's very funny. You talk about like that guy doesn't mean shit like he got like two likes on his tweet like what. What satisfaction did that guy get from tweeting. That like did he think people would like go crazy like oh like see like we told him. It's like zing. One guy thinks that we shouldn't call it the marshall. Guess what motherfuckers. It is the barsha. There's nothing you can do to stop running. It's going to be funny. It's gonna be great. Guess what a ton of people are gonna watch overtired. People people are tired of being told by blue. Check marks fifty five year old white guys what they should like and why they should like it. They want to like what they like when they like it and they get to watch it and streaming online and they get to have fun with us the barstool ball so you can either get with it. Are you going to be a sad sack piece of shit anything else. What do you want the halftime. Show to machine gun kelly. I was gonna say tyler day. That'd be very gifty idea. I mean no. You know that that's going to be on the pup tyler. O'day at the christmas party. If years ago doing that whole like broadway show down the dow unbelievable that was real. We have to gene or something and he you know. I don't even remember what song he was saying. He was so multiple five songs he this year. He's saying it was it at. What did you sing for us. This year was it black friday the christmas party for christmas and it was just very because we didn't have a christian wasn't with frank wasn't good. That was good but but I didn't get to go the barstool summer party. I was in mississippi and my grandmother bag. Czar he wanted national championship national championship. Thank you very much data. You would have enjoyed the party. what have you know. i'm a party. It was it was fun. People love beautiful. Louis is nice views. Growing the game dancing. I was growing the game. No one fell in the pool at that party. I was shocked. Yeah i talked to. Someone was intentionally going to probably donnie. People were very passionate growing the game. Ever some really drunk for growing so much. Yeah massive so before we close the book on this parcel gov. What do you think as he. I'm so excited. I'm so like yesterday. Like when katie tex the announcement was coming for sure like i so many people were like. What's the announcement. What's the announcement. And i just ignored every yesterday because of dave's email correct so dave citizen email company wide fucking emails. Come from dave like these random moments three it was a three line email and it was Yeah just read it to content all kinds of everybody. These are by the way grown people. And i had grown grown people and also i love that his name is david portnoy on it. Just it just makes it so much funnier so the subject line big announcement tomorrow into the body of the and this was the entire email. We have a big announcement. Tomorrow i don't trust any of you idiots to keep your mouth shut but if you know what it is don't talk about it. I didn't know what it was. Which i kind of fell out of the loop about i found out moments after that doesn't people are usually no. You are in the know mark. I know okay congrats. That's we don't know why didn't get salt about it. We didn't like we were in the meetings suck knew about it like how did nine now i mean. We didn't get like messengers to our home telling us herro helping us this coming tomorrow and and giving us hundreds of dollars we we just which is new latest neil. Yeah that's very important pieces of talent. Though very very we take private plane. It's a good time you've ever noticed that involved in college. Football a barstool. We we take take jets private jets not not your guys gone or are we going. Newark by commercial gross. Do business class tied into our shoes on your flight. And every called into the podcast. Three episodes ago from a commercial airplane getting it was a jet jet. That was the and dropping off. He's trying to make us feel better. Not as poor as he was sued in that airport so long and that was about being an airport. Long your fucking airport. All those killed me rudy and katie literally. I thought we were going hang ourselves in that airport jazz. No complaining about this not even a place to drink water in this airport. We're not going to complain about this. So the day that she may may drive back. Meiji's you me drive back. Seventeen hours me and my daughter myra little precious daughter anyway. I dropped him off the airport. Offer the entire home daughter or somebody else. I drop dave even was like she'd probably think it was cool to with case i dropped. I dropped them off the airport. Eleven o'clock twelve o'clock flight and they went through security. It's a one gate. airport are no restaurants. There are no snacks there are no. There's no alcohol. Ads didn't fucking work. Got delayed left at five o'clock and rudy had taken an edible and so like he was so high and he was just like. I'm i'm like he was a time is so slow like we were. We were laying on the floor at some point like it was not a fun. I was fishing. I was airways's nfl. You could call me. Text me brought you food. Actually i wouldn't have brought it to like we the proper. I tried to like uber eats. And they're like fuck you. You're in the middle of nowhere. mississippi and mississippi they. They didn't exist. We tried everything we we hadn't eaten yet we were because we were planning on eating atlanta. Were sad all right. I wanted it honestly was the worst airport experience i've ever had fire up news. Fire up the barstool ball. Of course so you know. This is really sad to say. But it's not sad to bobby bowden legendary coach at Florida state. I think probably bounds exist anymore. But bobby bowden is somebody that. Was you know last week. it was announced. He has been diagnosed with terminal medical condition. He's ninety one years old near the end. Probably going to not be with us very much longer but when you talk about true legends of college football the list you get delicious you save before you get. Bowden is very very short if it exists at all it is high out there You know i was growing up over two stalwarts of college football. It was bobby bowden and it was Joe paterno joe lost his crown along the way..

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