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The next president of the United States it was the latest in a string of endorsements for Byton which lifted his campaign to victory in eight or nine states last night better than most had anticipated voter surveys showed that Biden surprise victories on super Tuesday were powered by democratic voters who broke his way just days before casting their ballots lowly walkie files this report this campaign will send our job packing former vice president Joe Biden carried eight states yesterday super Tuesday Texas North Carolina Virginia Massachusetts Tennessee Maine Alabama Arkansas in even to state senator Bernie Sanders took in twenty sixteen Oklahoma and Minnesota Sanders one California the biggest delegate haul Utah Colorado in his home state of Vermont we are not only taking on the corporate establishment we're taking on the political establishment Alabama had tornado warnings and thunderstorms that cut off power at a handful of polling sites in Tennessee tornadoes in Nashville destroyed buildings and killed at least twenty two people just hours before polls are set to open polling places had to be changed because people had to be shifted around and what not Tennessee state university professor John Midgley added thinks the impact on turnout was minimal in part because a lot of Tennesseans vote early so I don't think it had a huge effect on turnout I mean it may impacted you know a couple is it codes pretty thoroughly former mayor Mike Bloomberg's only when was the U. S. territory that voted yesterday American Samoa W. R. I. R.'s Christopher Maxwell says Bloomberg's ground game was lacking he has got that best and some of the absolute most hilarious ad but if you're not watching wherever he has purchased airtime he's not texting there's no yard signs there's no door knocking he doesn't exist outside of though that senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign also had a disappointing night she came in third in her home state Massachusetts after Biden and Sanders Massachusetts Democrat Lisa king says some voters moved away from Moore and fearing a possible brokered convention wasn't a lack of support for her it was more a folk singer I really think that our final goal needed vocally matter who we need someone who's going to beat Donald Trump Sanders on the other hand swept Vermont his home state with just over half the vote here's news nonprofit VTDigger is calling Maine you know a lot of the sort of messages that made Bernie Sanders popular in Vermont have made him popular the national state Sanders victory in California it was based on his strength but you know voters but just like in South Carolina last week major players invited success were black voters in Virginia North Carolina Alabama and Tennessee according to Duke university's professor Deondre rose as I look forward to host super Tuesday it will be very interesting you know if it comes down to a two person race between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden specially in states like Florida and Georgia I think the Latino vote will be especially in important from pacifica network and public news service I'm really lucky Bernie Sanders refocused his democratic presidential campaign today on surging rival Joe Biden as the Vermont senator's allies grappled with the fallout from a super Tuesday stumbled that raised internal concerns about the direction of his White House bid Sanders targeted Biden's record on trade social security in fundraising Sanders declared himself neck and neck with Biden as he faced reporters in his home state of Vermont one of just four states he captured on the most consequential day of voting in the party's two thousand twenty primary season I was often a campaign I think that has been having to deal with the kind of that we're seeing from some in the corporate media this campaign has been compared to the coronavirus on television we have been described as the **** army marching across France it's a trip that central as we come in through the last several months of this campaign what I hope very much is that what we can focus on is it issue oriented campaigns which deals with the concerns of the American people Sanders lob familiar attacks against the former vice president's record but ignored supporters calls to be more aggressive and insisted his campaign would avoid any trump type effort as he put it that included personal criticism I like Joe Sanders said I think he's a decent human being adding that he and Joe have a very different vision for the future of the country and while centered while senator Sanders mind the mother lode of delegates from California with his win here on super Tuesday it wasn't nearly enough and isn't getting counted fast enough to counter Biden's huge night even though Sanders victory in California was declared quickly it came after a series of surprising wins for Biden that dominated the earlier coverage of the primaries and Sanders precise delicate margin in the state won't be known anytime soon California with lots of early in mail in voting typically takes weeks to finish counting ballots expert.

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