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If ever get any better than that. Ray we talk about. You mentioned playing hurt a lot on the bulk of there are a lot of moments that we think back. Some of the highlights of you are bowling over opposing catchers. I think you did it. Ma think he did it. Multiple times. Against darren dalton. One of them where you knocked the ball out and it was. It was a walk off. Run i think. And i remember the video of you of you. Pop back up in the air with a fist. Pump was the winning run. How many times did you do that. And was that kind of like a football mentality in you. Because i know you've played football before your professional baseball career started. But i wanna situation you turn a bad situation to a great situation where a lot of people don't realize i ran through the third base. I thought the ball was hit. The right field not realizing there was the second basement. And i think it was nikki. More denia was that made the play. So as i'm coming around thursdays i'm picking up all becoming from right phil. Once i looked up i saw the ball but by that time is stopping back in a rundown or just keep going. I guess say. I made the right decision to keep going right. It's funny i was gonna ask what kind of what kind of high school football player. Ray lankford was in modesto california where. Qb running back already back. So did you have any dreams of being. You know the next barry sanders or billy sam's back in high school and stuff out. I want to play football and try to play football professional. I wanted to but you guys were getting bigger and faster you know. Let me just take the baseball with my safer sport and then the road to the big leagues you gotta even though you're top prospect you gotta of pay your dues. It's not a given that you're gonna make it right. I mean is there that pressure not a lot of people. Think when you get drafted and you go right to the major leagues but no you in a minor league you on that bus traveling to bus but seventeen hours with no eight. You know you got to put your time. A lot of people think you just go right to the big leagues. that's i mean there's as a low percentage of guys getting drafted directly to the major leagues. They've most of them have spent some time in the minor league and it doesn't again just just a matter. How much time on been there so. My goal was trying to say as long as possible one of those stable. I got drafted. I started every game from rookie ball. Knocker when i got drafted into drew after johnson tennessee. Eight ball springville aa aaa. I started every game. I didn't i didn't matter. Came out of the game late in the game. You know when the game was blown out right. But i started every game. Nothing was i was trying to get to the big leagues way to get to the basically to play or what i did. I played every game. And who had the influences along the way and we always hear about george kissel would he have been somebody you were in contact with in at any point did even a guy like lou brock. Who was much older. Have a chance to kind of chime in on your game and mentor you at all. Well coming up through the minor leagues got to deal with Can't them in has savage those guys. Before i got to the major leagues so i got all those guys and i was in the minor league Once i got to the major leagues you get the bills. He'll talk with lou. Brock bob and stand the man rush shady. All these guys played a huge part in my career because they always gave me great advice. You know. just go out have fun. Don't worry about anything. I can't tell you i can't tell you what i would say. I can't say that already. But everybody know bob you know. Cut the but All these guys mad. They played a. He was part of my career of his concert advice. There's a young guy in the basically you know you're going to go up and down. I think the thing is is knowing how to deal with when you tau you know where things are going great. You don't need nobody to you know you plan well in home runs you still invasive but we. You're not doing well. Guess what you need advice. That's when you need somebody to help pick a. Hey it's going to be okay. Just keke working keep grinding. Everything will work out. You know. I think of a contemporary like a brian jordan. I can picture ron gant. We had the star-studded outfield. Who guys you still keep in touch with. I haven't been talked to ron o'brien jordan. Nice touch the one with with myself. And brian joined ron gant. You know we push one another in a good way. We don't want otherwise. We are always brighter. Do good again vice versa. You know we we just push one another like come on guys. Let's do it so if i wanted to. The planes struck out running and brian. I got don't worry about it. But i got this little thing. So that's not we were we were. We was an outfielder. We talked all the time. We push one another motivate one another. And that's what you have to have. I don't know how to guys are today with outfielders and all that stuff but that was monday we did. We talk about the game. You'd have to spend the whole night talking about it but you you you had a conversation have been how to pitchers pitching is trying to get you out. Were they doing situations ray. You may remember. I remember when i was coming up and he will go to report. Jon tutor. Say hey don't worry about the scouting report. I wanted to play this guy this way and that way and if it doesn't work out i take i take full responsibility. You know. i'm a young guy. That's john tudor. fan moving. he's lift. I don't care what the scouting report says. I want you to move in this direction. You know messes up. I take full responsibility while okay sure. Yeah ray you mentioned the two thousand and four club. You came back to the team for a second stint with the club. Did it hurt in two thousand and one zero to get dealt to san diego in the middle of a run in a one. The cardinals were again destined for the playoffs with was. Was that a disappointment for you. At the time in two thousand one it was you know it was the fans the fans always been so great to me in my family so the senate it was tough fan. I think i think you've got to a situation where you and i was night. I and at that time. I just i just i just need. I just need a fresh start. You know. I just have to get out of there. Because there's too much tension and austin that's what you know with both of you know. They got woody way of he did a great job for they have to come back for four years to finish up my career so it all worked out and you saw the beginning of albert in two thousand and one coming out of spring training and then you come back and four and at that point. He's an established star. Give us your view. Early at larussa told the story during spring training. That maguire said. Hey if you don't keep this kid on the big league roster you're an idiot he said i want to remind you ever and like so basically and spring training. Everybody said you have to keep this kid. Although of bobby bonilla doesn't get injured. I'm not convinced. He's on that opening day roster in colorado. I'll tell you what yeah. They need to keep them. He was having a great spring training. But it was one of those guys. Like why not gonna laugh..

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