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Doctrines of Christ as taught in the scriptures and as taught through general conference. And that that's the foundation of the conversations and the conflict that we're going to need to have. We're going to bring everybody back to that, okay? Now what does this look like in principle? I see it looking like one of two things. The group level and the individual level. So at the group level, I think you need to have this conversation. If this is a real issue for you as a leader, if you're sensitive to this, if it's feeling like there's an issue here, you need to have this conversation with the group with the community. So this specific example, it's the relief society. And you need to be authentic, which means you need to share with them everything you really feel. But authenticity doesn't mean I'm right. It means this is the way I really feel. And I need to understand the way you really feel. And she and she and she and she really feels. So it's going to be a different kind of relief society meeting where we say, we're going to need to get some things out on the table. And it's probably going to make a few of us uncomfortable. But I'm asking you to hold the space in which we can have this conversation without jumping to judgment. Without jumping to conclusions, we've just need to listen and to understand each other. Yeah, and my mind goes to this concept of having the conversation. And this is where it's so crucial that it doesn't, I don't think we should wait for like this heavy issue or this really polarizing issue to then have a conversation. Like some of the best advice I got from a mentor church leader mentor was he told me never let an elders quorum or core meeting turn into just another Sunday school class. And I think president Nelson is comment on that and in recent years where this should be a place where we come together and we have conversations. We hear each other. We engage that way. And so whether it's this big polarizing issue or something smaller where it's like, okay, the elders core activities coming up. Like what do you even want out of this? What can we do that's going to really unify us that's not just a pizza party or whatever it is. And having conversations and creating a stage for those conversations are more regular basis so that then when the heavy issues come, we're already practiced. We already love each other. We already know how to listen to listen to each other. I mean, I'll just give you a quick example. And I'm going to take exception to the wisdom you just shared. I would say because I'm a Sunday school teacher right now. Never let a Sunday school class turn into just another elders former release society meeting. Sunday schools where is that? I teach the older teenagers and this is just what I decided to do. First week back when president Nelson, the first presidency issued a statement about masks. And we knew that it was going to be interpreted differently by different people..

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