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Hey thank you for the time being nice to me and And breaking down this possible florida. Ucf deal right. Eight or thanks. Mike bianchi Ninety six km. He's bald like me. That was looking at compliment. Daniel bram producer. He's like hey just you know he can come in fire and you never know like dude we deal with feinban colors all day. Long should be okay. Michael's great trevor. Albert's was great. We're going to have a harry lyles. Billy lucci would probably be great. Jason curse. He's gonna talk to us a little bit about. What's going on the horns down controversy looking forward to all of that eight five five two four two paul as the number will. Refined mike in nashville. Thanks for joining. Peter burns here on the paul finebaum show. What's up How you doing today. Thanks for taking my you. Gotta but Yeah you guys actually just kinda discussed when i was actually calling them about I was just gonna say how. I really think that this whole player endorsement could really benefit a university like vanderbilt. Just due to the location of the university and the wealthy alumni that come from the university itself. I could really see it. Actually benefiting school vanderbilt. I've had that. I do a monday through friday. Show with chris during over on sirius. Xm we do the morning show over there and we we discussed this and we got into a huge battle about this mike because you know during thought. Hey it's going to be the gainesville. The star feels a small places even lincoln nebraska where. You're the only game in town. And i was with you. I said well. What about what about nashville right. Like what about these hubs. Could they do it. And the more i started thinking about it is that i think it could be done. Big time in nashville. But you've got to have a coach or a swagger person around them to make it happen. You know what i'm saying. Like i'm trying to think of the best name i mean lane. Kiffin is that way on social media. But he's not really that way when you give them in front of donors or or or actually in public. We'll see that immediate days a lot of people are gonna be blown away thinking lane kiffin. The oh my gosh. She's going to be telling all these jokes at meetings he's not. He's really good at the keyboard on his phone. Live mike not so much. But how how do you have kind of a salesperson. Take that job in vanderbilt. Because i don't. I don't really necessarily see that. With clark li i think clark lee is a good fit for football. But i'm not sure if he unlocks that kind of next star level that that commodore football needs. And i mean what was your thoughts. I mean you sit there and van. Our vanities footprint has has he pierced through people paying attention to clark international early. You know. I mean he is a You know he wasn't the necessarily most exciting hire a personality. You know so far. But the one thing i think vanderbilt doing right so far is there kind of in my opinion following that northwestern footprint. Where what you're doing is you're getting. I think to be successful vanderbilt. You need an alumni so and who has some you know some some kind of loyalty university truly stick through with You know. I think there'd made into the great job on the recruiting trail. It all fell apart in the end. But you know he was a good personality for vanderbilt. Here's a fiery guy. And i think that is something lee has got to pick up on and i guess wins. You know if you build it. They will come. If you win games. They will come as well. We'll see if the name image and likeness helps it when it comes to recruiting also. Might we appreciate the phone. Call man thanks. Thank you for your phone calls coming up. Eight five five two four. Two paul is a number. That's eight five. Five two four to seventy to eighty five also connor. Do not let me get two phone calls before i get into the mat stench gome thing. Okay stench comb in kirby smart. The audio is incredible. And i keep saying that we're gonna play it. And i keep forgetting it because i'm so. Add do not. Are you okay with that. I'm your me accounting. The next segment. Okay that's how we'll start the next sick in here on the paul finebaum show..

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