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A few other Houston marine moms and I went to the camp hope barbecue cook off last Saturday. We were amazed. How many hookers were there? We had a great time a ruin cookers cookers cookers. Everyone was so friendly and kind we had an especially good time. At the Belfour property restoration booth. They invited us in to have some of their barbecue. And beers. We had two prizes to drop off the auction. Then we found out that the auction had actually occurred the night before next year, we're planning to go on Friday evening because we want to bid on some other auction items, and hopefully help them raise a lot of money. Thank you for all you do for our kids, Becky suit. Houston, marine mobs. Hi, thank you spell. That's how you think you pronounce that job might be suit. Yup. Seconds. Check S U T J K. We think that is how would you pronounce it? You don't have a pronunciation. S U T J A K. I don't I really don't understand. So how'd you hook us on Depp parade? Japan. Who do you asked Japan to the more who do you think? I don't I really don't understand. You know what I am particularly proud of on. Our program is calls like Caroline's. So. If you think about. Caroline and her husband Lynn been married for forty five years. Okay. He is suffering from Parkinson's, which isn't awful awful conditions. Now, she didn't want to tell you what how tough her day is because she is basically nursing him through this shouldn't wanna tell you. She she didn't want. She didn't want to draw any extra attention to herself. But every day is a challenge every day is a burden and she knows it's not going to get any better. It's it's going to get worse. And it's tough in. This was this was the sickness part of the vow. And she doesn't question her situation. She doesn't question whether she's going to do it. She.

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