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The vote of No confidence scheduled for Monday claims Councilman Tito Ortiz has demonstrated little commitment to serving his mayor Pro TEM with honor and dignity. Mayor Kim Kerr says businesses are complaining about Ortiz is anti mask antics and support for Q and on the he campaigned on protecting small businesses that yet he continues to flaunt these conspiracy theories that are very unhealthy and not say for our community. The mayor pro TEM title is mostly ceremonial, but the move is to ensure Ortiz doesn't slide into the mayor role next year. Ortiz has not responded to requests for comment in Orange County, Corbin Carson camp, I knew the White House's president Biden is planning to share details next week about a new task force. To reunite immigrant families, something that is his personally committed to his wife. Dr. Biden is personally committed to and invested in, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki says. Biden's nominee for Homeland Security secretary will be in charge of the task force sake says it's expected Alejandro My orchestra will be confirmed Monday and the Black lives matter Movement has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The Guardians is the nomination came from a politician in Norway, who said the movement had forced countries outside the U. S to deal with Schism within their own societies. The black lives matter Movement was created in 2013 over the death of Trayvon Martin and again overwhelming support last year after the death of George Floyd. In the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy crash on the four or five in the supposed to pass bond at Mulholland Drive. It appears his crash has just cleared from lanes. You're still stop and go from Valley Vista, Calif. Eye in the sky sponsored by injury, Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer calm, Let's head to the go home pass once again with Mike O'Brien. Mike Yeah, Davis been a real tough one in the Cold bastards. Afternoon We had a big accident. 15 North bound Cleghorn Fire Road. They were in lanes along. Time and it's been clear for a long time. But it just hasn't recovered North 15 that's jammed up to the 2 10 and even the north to 15 pretty well jacked up from the 2 10 is well out of San Bernardino. Introduce an accident visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Dycom, Mike O'Brien, KF eye in the sky. Okay, If I in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm gave Joseph get the break from the rain, but the rain will be back. We'll tell you when. Next. Hey, it's Conway here, and before we begin the show got to introduce you to The score. Master Queen Gina grad. He can ask there with that score, Master. Anyway, she.

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