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So have there ever been an incident where you've been manned blame to? Oh Gosh of course. My favorite from that clip is the guy who just goes. Yeah one time one time. Just what's Today the one time today? I think one thing that women comedy get is Sometimes you get guys going. You know you can't you can't wear this on stage because that's GonNa make people see you in a certain way or you know it's GonNa be distracting. If you dress to sexier and not even sexy. Just nice if you like dress up too much or things like that explaining to you how to do. Comedy is always frustrating. I mean like all your hair stand up on your arms like Oh okay wall. Let's get out of this before I say something very rude. I feel that. How do you shut down? A man's Blaine what I do is I just kind of nod and smile. Get through the conversation and once they stopped talking. I immediately Cut them out of my life. You'll need US real clean clean break. You know what's the point like? Oh you obviously don't think I'm very intelligent So you know why would I keep someone like that around? If it's somebody that you're in a relationship with or something I think you should bring that up for sure and just go. Hey Just you know you're being condescending and there's a word for it and let's pull up urban dictionary right now and learn some things about you learn it together. Well T- Tom. It's been real having you know show off and you so much for having me. What a cool show. Y'All can follow Taylor on g twitter at Taylor Tomlinson and catcher in her latest Netflix. Special quarter life crisis..

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