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Radio former bill mike gillislee with a short touchdown run for the goahead score four the way england plunkett ears on the road lead the panthers nineteen to fifteen in the fourth quarter dip base dropped wardrobe carol ida wraps up a playoff berth with a win they've just ahead of the third quarter tennessee rams had titans nodded at 28 jared gop three touchdown passes including a pair to todd girlie was having a monster gave again dangles we the lions sixteen the ten of in the fourth quarter also at the fourth redskins in front of the broncos twenty two three kurt cousins two touchdown passes the bears leave the brown's twenty two three in the fourth quarter and frigid chicago jordan howard with two touchdown wads yes cbn's adam schefter reported have multiple thieves complained of the eta fellow the packers violated the injured reserve several regarding aaron rodgers that green bay should after release the quarterback with jeff says that likely won't happen rules stipulate that a player needs to have suffered a new injury to go on ira napoli the rodgers suffered any type of in a new injury last week against carolina top where the ucla quarterback trash rosen would prefer to play for the giants open of labs would be hesitant to enter the nfl draft for the new that cleveland was going to take him with a number one overall pick reports adam schefter college football on espn radio the capital one orange bowl number six wisconsin number ten miami saturday at eight eastern on espn radio and on espn these these operation football on espn radio in.

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