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Two the the that's near feed garcia and her ban bon donncha on the song universe love it and you see is the drummer for this jazz rock hip hop fusion ban those smooth jazz kind of quality to it as well this band is inspired by video she saw have pianist herbie hancock with a dj and she crowd funded her new album no easy task in cuba with intermittent internet connections yeah but you know if you think of cuba's being culturally isolated it's not listening to you see garcia makes you feel like yeah definitely not anymore she is part of an international jazz scene she is part of an afrocaribbean seen she's collaborated with joshua bell and dave mathews opposed to her on the same night by the way and you see garcia and bonn donncha play cafe straits in san jose on sunday december third with an opening said by dj jiig also a member of garcia's band and then they're at ashkhabad eyes on wednesday december six okay now i wanna take you to a rehearsal for a new play it sciencefiction set in a world where everyone has take can uphill that stops them from aging you won't die weaken feeble with sagging skin and brittle bones and worn out heart you'll die young and beautiful as you are now but you'll die all the same out i or form that death takes it won't be gentle that's actor mary ann rogers in a rehearsal for a show called ageless her character is the only person who refuses to take this anti aging pill so we see her character played by three different women in their twenties 50s and '70s while the rest of the characters including her mother stay the same age yet and ageless his world premiere produced by this company from san francisco quantum dragon theater with its roots in both sifi and fantasy the play right bridget dutta portman lives in the bay area as she says quantum dragon theater really gave her a chance to explore a new genre for her this is her first place set in the future and you know it's classic speculative fiction and that it's really about holding up a mirror to our own society looking at our own.

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