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You're never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS I'm Marla diamond, briefings to know at twelve fifteen one the US economy grew four point one percent last quarter the fastest growth in four years to the fate of former New, York assembly speaker Sheldon silver is in the hands of a judge the seventy four year old faces up to ten years in. Prison after being convicted on corruption charges and three a new study. Shows that children raised by gay mothers grow up to be just as happy as children raised by heterosexual parents the report. Is, out from the national longitudinal longitudinal lesbian family study Dr net net Gartrell is the lead author and she joins us now for more, tell, us the. Results of your research well. This is a study we began in the nineteen eighties at a time when. There was considerable speculation about the future of. Mental health Of children raised by lesbian and gay parents we have, been following the first generation of children conceived by donor insemination in the United States we were particularly interested in following them all the way from birth all the, way up into adulthood because there was concern about how the adult might fair in terms of their psychological adjustment and we focused. On the age of twenty five because this is the age when. Many psychiatric disorders I appeared so what we did is we compared the twenty five year old who are born to lesbian. Parents, in our studies with a population based sample of twenty five years old and we used a standardized test to compare the two groups Relationships with their family members friends spouse partner as well as their educational and. Job performance and then we also examined their behavioral emotional and mental health problems and we found no significant differences. In the two groups on any of these assessments essentially finding that the sons and daughters of lesbians who were conceived in this first generation born through donor insemination are just. By and so much has changed in the past thirty years So much has changed in the past thirty years and yet people continue to have questions about whether Lesbians gay dad bisexual transgender parents ought to be raising children and our study essentially, provides no. Justification for restricting child custody or place motor access to reproductive technologies. Based on the parent sexual orientation. Mary interesting Dr net Gartrell, of the national longitudinal lesbian family study thanks so much for joining. Us thank you w. CBS news John twelve eighteen Time for traffic and weather together on the aids there's troubles.

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