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Percent or twenty percent most of those job creators employers tell the national federation of independent business is they will reinvest that money into their companies they will pay their workers more they will give better benefit gates and they're inventory and the reach and they will keep their is jobs in this plants and their workforce in this country went to repatriate that two point eight trillion dollars it's been legally parked overseas back to this country wealth and jobs overseas now bring it back here bring it all home that's the president's goal route losers president trump is of course our first billionaire president and people think they're hearing well you know some people who make a lot of money who have done very well band up paying more is that true current of the prison is always said that uh people will hire account ones in attorneys to get them to pay as little taxes possible that's that's the but with the president wants to do is make sure that those who are hiring foe says you are in charge of hiring our job creators and our employers in this country are the two things are that they don't pay thirty five percent in taxes that a small business owners don't pay thirty five percent of taxes they'll have the pass through filers like i was for twenty two years is a small business owner they will file at twenty five percentage the other thing that he wants to make sure that happens is that people have the american dream of building a parallel universe you the traditional workforce and converting a hobby or a skillset into their own small business can can take.

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