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In america in this pamphlet and he had it and he didn't even fly that often. And i just i like the travel. I liked the airlines the time and he would reach out to me when i first started doing. Nfl you say. Are you taking the eight twenty-five embry air out of kansas city to get all the yes. Why would you know this man. And he just had weird knowledge unbelievable. That's so great is this. Is this a little downtime. Few because as we know you do the nba on tnt and you have the nets during the regular season and now obviously nfl on cbs. Oh is this a little break for the birdman or do you still have some things going on in these next two to three weeks. Now it's been a break to me. I've had a good time. All we went away. I've done some day drinking which does not take place normally during my everyday life from september through the end of may it. It's rare that i drink at all over the course of the season but then i go the other way during the off season i think i try to pack as much as possible. And then turn the switch off when when the season gets underway. So yeah it's been. It's been quality downtime. Your old partner bill rafter. He would be proud to hear that. I've been out with him a number of times. I have seen him on four or five occasions. And i think he likes this version of me. Better have a little a little lie. Just yeah he He's he's doing great. He's feeling great. He's it's amazing he mazing. He is a freak of nature. They're they're gonna they're gonna study him for science for sure when i had and we'll get into some some professional things b-uh let's keep it light right now. I had sean mcdonough on the podcast recently. Yeah last month and he told a phenomenal raft story about which you've probably had this experience as the same trump said they were. They were on the road. I think he said they were doing a notre dame. I'm not one hundred percent sure for monday. And when it was over they go to to the airport to get the rental cars and raft is looking around for the car and he can't find it and this is going on for several minutes and mcdonough finally system. Did you by any chance. Go out drinking the night and leave the car there. Because you didn't want to drive after you add few pops raftery. Oh yeah. that's what happened to the car. A yeah i i have one. That always goes back into my thought process with him there. So many and yes. I have heard that story. And i've heard bills version of that story. Which basically mirrors sean version but has who would know forgot about it. He was doing the nets and espn and he was criss crossing the country. And the enza doing a game with me in san francisco but he flew in the day of and he had done a wake forest game day before he really had no right to do both but he just was packing and and he gets there and he's working on no sleep and ends up. I think i've told you. Parts of this story where he ends up in. Michael coren the radio analyst. Mike it already checked out just to do some notes on his bed. I wake up hold on yards so we eventually get to the game. And we're now doing the first segment of the of the pre game and lead into him in regards to the nejd. Derrick coleman going against the warriors and wrath looks at me and and he just starts singing..

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